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fredag 26 september 2014

How to Flirt With Women with Text Messaging

How to Flirt With Women with Text Messaging
by Pickup Podcast

How to flirt with women with text messaging is just as easy as it is for young men flirting with girls. Women of all ages like to be told how nice they look, how great they are and how fond you are of them; even if they are not necessarily looking for a man at the time. You can change their minds, however, if you say the right things and learn how to flirt with women with text messaging.


How to flirt with women with text messaging can be confusing, but for some men who have more experience flirting in person it will be easier. It is always a high point when a woman meets a man with a sense of humor. Even if she isn't interested in you at first, your sense of humor can make you seem irresistible and more fun so that she will eventually give in to you and fall for you just like you want her to. How to flirt with women with text messaging cannot be found in a hand book or rule book, but here are a few guidelines to help you along.

Women associate texts with feelings they will and do have for the person sending them. So if you are going to flirt with a woman, keep up the same attitude and relationship that you have in person. If you try to go off the deep end on her, she may feel a little uncomfortable and not answer or act like she didn't get the text. If you say something that makes her laugh every day when you text, she will remember that feeling and associate it with you so keep it up in your texts too. Don't act needy, as this is the biggest turn off a woman has. It is nice to feel needed, but to be treated as though you are the one and only reason for all things in another person's life can make a woman feel like she has a responsibility and that is one way to make her turn away. How to flirt with a woman with text messaging should be light and fun, and never too serious or sexually explicit unless she initiates it in that manner. If she should do this, you can then respond accordingly.

How to Flirt With Women with Text Messaging

Using emoticons in your text is ideal. Since during your regular interactions with people your language, body language and expressions are part of your communication that cannot take place with texting, you have to let her know by other means. Using acronyms such as lol for laugh out loud, or making a smiley face by using a semicolon and the right parenthesis will create this face ?. This can make even a serious flirting text into a lighter mood so that it is understood that you are in a good mood and this person made you feel that way.

Regardless of the rules of how to flirt with women with text messaging you use, as long as you are genuine you will find that she will be too.

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