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torsdag 28 februari 2013

Where To Get Breakup Advice

When you’re ending a relationship, it can help to get breakup advice from people who’ve been where you are. You might talk to a relative, friends, people you trust, or you might look for breakup advice online.

There are probably thousands of websites out there telling you how to break up with someone, how to handle the separation and how to move forward. But some of the advice you’ll find can actually make the bad things you’re feeling even worse.

First, you’ll find sites that are designed to convince you that you don’t really want to break up with your ex. There are number of books available on the subject. Look at your local library or bookstore and you’ll see probably a dozen books or more telling you how you can save the relationship.

That’s all great, if you really do want to save a relationship. There might be advice in those books and on those websites that can help you heal as a couple. The thing to watch for is breakup advice that makes you change your mind from wanting to move on to wanting to make it work, all designed to sell you an ebook or a regular book on just how to do it.

Remember that no matter how tempting the pitch is, you went looking for advice on how to move on. Not on how to go back into a situation you’ve just gotten away from. Avoid reading sites and books like that unless you’re really unsure you’ve made the right decision.

Then there are sites that will encourage you to move on too quickly. Often, these are designed to get you to sign up for a dating service! Think carefully. Do you really need breakup advice telling you to forget the time you’ve had with your ex by quickly getting back into the dating scene?

The point is that much of the advice out there is designed to sell you something that you probably don’t need. It’s a good idea to look for advice online. Just be sure that you can recognize the obvious pitches and sort the real advice from things just designed to sell you a product.

Most really good help online can be found at websites of relationship experts and people with education in human relations. They might have an ebook or book to sell, too. But they have experience counseling people and have credentials to show they know what they’re talking about.

Your closest friends can be a good source of advice, as long as they are supportive of you and don’t have any kind of attitudes about your ex-relationship. When you’re ending a relationship, it’s hard enough to deal with without good friends telling you “I told you so” or about what a loser the person was anyway.

Talk to friends who respect what you’re going through and don’t just start putting down your ex. The best breakup advice will come from people who only want to see you happy again.

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tisdag 26 februari 2013

Top Four Ways To Get Lover Back

If you’re dealing with a breakup right after the holidays, undoubtedly one of the main things on your mind is how to get lover back. While it may seem impossible, there is good news! Even if you think that all hope is lost, there are proven ways that have helped thousands of people reunite with their lost loves and even improve their relationships so that they never have to go through the pain of a breakup again.

If you’re ready to try to get lover back, here are four easy steps that you can put into motion that will help you achieve your goals. While every person’s situation will be different, these four proven methods will get you started on reconciliation and will help smooth the road back to togetherness. Even if you think the relationship is past fixing, thousands of people just like you have utilized these tips to achieve happiness.
Tip #1 - Leave the Past Behind – One of the biggest obstacles that most people face when they want to get lover back is that they cannot leave the past behind. If you want to forge ahead and start over, this is the first step you’re going to have to take. That means forgiveness, and while it’s not the easiest thing to do, if you can accomplish this step, the rest will be a breeze.

Tip #2 – Make the First Move – If you are waiting for your ex to come crawling back, you may end up waiting a long time. Sometimes, you need to take that initiative, even if you are not sure that it will end up in your favor. Most times, a broken relationship can be easily fixed if at least one person can make that first move and say those three little words, “I am sorry.”

Tip #3 – Don’t Go Overboard – If you are trying to get lover back, it’s only normal to want to do everything in your power to make it happen. For many, this means calling their ex many times a day, driving by, or generally becoming a nuisance. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect and may drive your ex further away. Limit yourself to one call a day – or even every three days. The next tip goes into more detail on how to use this strategy to your advantage.

Tip #4 – Become Desirable – It’s only human nature to want what we can’t have, and this is the absolutely key to get lover back if you have failed with all of the above tips. Instead of sitting around, calling your ex constantly and moping, you need to get out there and have some fun. Schedule a girl or boys night out, and don’t be afraid to bump into your ex. When they see how vibrant and fun you are, they’ll start to wonder if maybe they wrong.

If you consistently use these tips, you’ll be on the right road to healing that relationship and you will be able to get lover back.
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fredag 22 februari 2013

Use Boyfriend Girlfriend Quizzes For Fun Not Advice

Boyfriend girlfriend quizzes can be fun to take. You can find them in many different magazines aimed at women, and all over the Internet. There will be a set of questions that can vary from asking about your favorite thing to do together, to how much you know about your boyfriend’s past girlfriends. But boyfriend girlfriend quizzes are really just mean to be fun, not some sort of couple therapy. So have fun with them!

Some are designed for you to take in which you’ll answer questions about your boyfriend only. Based on your answers about things like how often he says he loves you, or how often he takes you out, you’ll get an answer. Many of these quizzes are a bit tongue in cheek, and are designed just for fun. So if you get a bad answer, look closely at the quiz.

If the possible answers you could have selected are all a bit wild and exaggerated, then it’s more a joke quiz than something you could really just your relationship by. Very often, multiple choice quizzes are designed this way, with humorous or outrageous choices for you to choose between. These are clearly just for fun.

Some quizzes have you answering questions about what you think your boyfriend is thinking. While these can be fun too, realize that you can’t read minds. No matter what you think he might say or do, you can’t be sure. So don’t take these results too seriously.

Boyfriend girlfriend quizzes that want yes or no answers are more likely to attempt to give real advice. Judging by how many yes and no answers you give, the quiz will give you a quick assessment of your relationship.

These can be a little more accurate if the questions are reasonable ones. Just a quick read of the questions and the possible results should let you know if it’s meant to be humorous or they’re really trying to give relationship advice. Watch the tone of what they say if it’s difficult to tell.

Then there are those quizzes that are designed for you take together. Or that intend for you to ask your boyfriend questions. If your boyfriend thinks it sounds like a fun idea, then by all means enjoy it. But if he’s resistant to the idea of boyfriend girlfriend quizzes, don’t force the issue.

Even though you’re aware of the type of quiz it is and decide to do it just for fun, he might take it too seriously. There’s always the chance that with even the most tongue in cheek quiz, you’ll get a “bad” answer. And no matter how silly the questions or the possible answers, he might not understand that it’s just a joke and could take it as a criticism.

On the other hand, don’t take a quiz and then make too much of the answer yourself. No matter how serious they’re intended to be, boyfriend girlfriend quizzes can’t really accurately tell you anything you don’t already know!
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onsdag 20 februari 2013

Top 3 Reasons Why Men Dump Women

No one likes to be rejected.  This is especially true for women. One form of rejection is being dumped by the person whom you really love or are in a relationship with. Being dumped is never fun.  It can be the source of a great deal of pain, confusion, anger, and hurt.

There was a time when women were the ones who did the vast majority of dumping.  However, this certainly isn't true anymore.  Men, increasingly, are dumping women.  As a woman, who has been dumped, you may not fully understand the motives behind his actions.  Men are not quite as complex as women, when it comes to these sorts of things.  This article was written to help you find some of the answers to the question of “why men dump women?”

Here are the top three reasons of why men dump women:

1.Lack of Communication

Communication is very important in every relationship. A lack of communication would definitely mean the end of a relationship. Hence, it is often cited as one of the top reasons of why men break up with the woman they are with.

2.Women Become Demanding

Another reason why women are dumped by men is because as time goes by, they become more and more demanding.  Women, Western women in particular,  have a tendency to try and control anything and everything about the relationship, sometimes even the man himself.  They often will try to set rules and limits on their male counterpart.  Women often will give the men a hard time about them hanging out with their friends, what they watch on T.V., working late, etc...Some men will tolerate this type of behavior.  However, the ones that finally get fed up with it, and end it, usually cite this as a reason why they broke up.

 3.Being Too Reliant On Men

There are times when women become too clingy, needy, and reliant on their man.  Its okay for a woman to play up the “damsel in distress” routine once in a while.  In fact, most men enjoy playing the role of “hero.”  However, it can be taken too far and becomes quite annoying if done on a regular basis.  Most men want a woman who is independent, and can make decisions on her own.  Some women insist that the man spend every free minute of every free day with her.  It is healthy for people in a relationship to have lives outside the relationship.  If the woman makes the man the center of her life and becomes too obsessed, it usually will be too much for the man.

Indeed, it is not only women who hold the power to dump men because men also have that power.  These reasons are by no means conclusive.  There are many reasons why men dump women.  The best thing you can do if you were dumped by a man, is to learn from your mistakes, and try not to repeat them in the next relationship.

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tisdag 19 februari 2013

Surviving A Breakup - 3 Things To Help

Surviving a breakup can feel impossible, especially if you didn’t really want the relationship to end. But even if you were the one who decided it was over, it can feel crummy to have such an important part of your life end. There are three important things you can to help with surviving a breakup.

First, let yourself be sad. It’s natural to not want to feel sad. None of us likes to be upset or depressed. But when a relationship ends, no matter who ended it, you lose a part of your life. If you haven’t been dating long, the sad period probably won’t last that long. But for a long-term relationship, you might be sad for a long time.

It’s important, as painful as it is, to allow yourself to feel that way. The tendency is to avoid those feelings and try to move on to something that feels better. But being sad is a necessary step in the healing process.

Letting yourself feel the sadness will let you deal with the emotions and the pain. Remember that surviving a breakup is more than just moving on. If you can deal with the bad feelings, you’ll be better to able to experience the good feelings that come when you’ve moved on.

Second, keep busy. You have to deal with the sadness and not deny it or push it aside, but that doesn’t mean you can or should let yourself wallow in it. If you feel like spending the entire day in bed crying, you can let yourself do that. But the next day, even if you feel that way again, make yourself do something else.

Let yourself cry for an hour, and then find an activity to help distract you. Even if it’s only watching a movie, at least you’ll be able to concentrate on something else for brief periods of time.

Keep in mind that no matter how “active” your activity might be, sad thoughts and memories will still creep in. Even if you’re solving a hard puzzle and concentrating to distract yourself, now and then a memory will pop up and your mind will be back on the breakup. This is normal.

You just have to deal with the feeling briefly and not let it sidetrack you. Feel it, cry for a bit if you need to, and then keep concentrating on your activity. Soon, the sad thoughts and feelings will pop up less and less when you’re doing other things.

Finally, decide to forgive your ex. Surviving a breakup isn’t just about leaving one relationship and looking for another.

You need to resolve things in the old relationship to help you be more emotionally healthy in the next relationship. If you were hurt in the relationship, forgive your ex for his or her part in that.

This might seem an impossible task. Start by realizing that it really does take two, and that surviving a breakup is more important than having someone to blame for it.

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måndag 18 februari 2013

Steps For Surviving A Break Up

Surviving a break up is a painful experience.  You may feel rejected.  You may be doubting your own self worth.  You may not feel like getting out of bed in the morning.  One thing that may help you is to know that most people have already gone about the process of surviving a break up and have come out stronger for it.

Here are some of the steps for surviving a break up.

First of all, allow yourself to mourn the end of the relationship.  Your ex was almost like an appendage to you.  You identified him or her as a part of you.  You were two halves of a couple.  Just as you would be lost if your right arm was cut off, losing a significant other can be painful.

So, spend some time grieving for the relationship's end.  It can actually be a healthy thing to do.

But at some point (hopefully soon), you have to move on.  You will need to go through a process of being angry at your ex.  He or she hurt you and you have every right to feel mad at them.

Here’s a tip for surviving a break up in the anger stage.  Write a long letter to your ex spilling out your guts about how you feel.  Put every emotion, experience, and feeling into the letter.  But don't mail it to them.  Whatever you do, don't mail it.  Instead, light a candle and burn it slowly over the flame.  As your letter goes up in smoke, release your anger.

At this point, it is time to start rebuilding your life.  Surviving a break up means getting back into the game.  You should definitely lean on the support of friends and family during this difficult time.  The people closest to you will understand that you are having trouble putting your life back together and they should offer you the support that you need to heal.

Also, you should look for activities that spark your interest.  Perhaps there were things that your ex didn't like to do with you that you've missed.  Renew your interest in these things.  If you have had a lifelong desire to learn something, there’s no time like after a break up to try.  You will probably make new friends when you start a new activity and you might even meet a love interest who shares your passion.

At some point, you will want to start dating again.  Don’t expect your first few dates to turn into lifetime relationships.  Just test the waters.  Go out for coffee or a drink.  Have fun and don’t be too serious about these things.

Surviving a break up is always a painful process.  But, you are capable of moving on with your life.  Look at the end of the relationship as a chance for growth.  Millions of people have survived a split with their ex and you will too.
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lördag 16 februari 2013

Surviving A Breakup - Write It Down

Right after a relationship ends, surviving a breakup might seem an impossible task. It hurts so much, and it’s easy to think that you’ll never feel happy again. It’s also easy to think that you might never find someone else. A good step to take when surviving a breakup is to start writing all these feelings down.

Journaling is something that millions of people do every day for a variety of reasons. Some people have kept diaries since they were children. At first they simply wrote down the important things that happened that day. Many children’s diaries are just filled with little lists about what they did all day.

As people get older, their journals and diaries tend to become more introspective. They write about an event and how it made them feel or what they thought it meant. Sometimes they write about how they think a certain event might affect them in the future.

Journaling or keeping a diary can help with surviving a breakup by giving you an outlet to express yourself. You can write things down that you might be uncomfortable saying to someone else. Embarrassing things or things that really upset you so much that you don’t really want to tell anyone can be “told” to your diary.

Many people never start journaling because they don’t think they know how. But there really is no special way to do it. You don’t have to have a special diary or journal to begin. You can write in a regular notebook or keep a file on your computer for your thoughts.

But you can purchase a special book to write in if you want. It can be as casual or as formal as you choose. If it makes you happy, purchase a special journal with a pretty cover and fine paper inside. If not, grab a spiral notebook or open that file in your word processor and start a journal.

As you’re surviving a breakup, when you feel especially sad write about why you think that is and what you think you can do about it. When you’re missing your ex, write about it. It’s okay to cry or feel upset while writing. In fact, it’s good to do so. You’re getting it out.

You don’t have to write in your journal every day. You don’t have to start every entry “Dear Diary” or do it in any specific way. You might scrawl down one sentence, “I hate this!” and three days later write 5 pages of things you won’t miss about your ex and why you’re glad it’s over. All of these are good for you.

Another way to use writing to help get over a relationship is to write a letter to your ex. Write down everything you want to say to him or her, good and bad, and be brutally honest. Now that you’ve purged yourself, throw the letter away.

Surviving a breakup can be made easier by writing down and dealing with your feelings, so give it a try.

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fredag 15 februari 2013

Relationship Breakups - How To Stay Friends

Relationship breakups don’t always mean that the person you’re breaking up with needs to be cut completely out of your life. Many people continue to have warm and satisfying friendships with their exes by making sure that their relationship breakups are done without hurting anyone more than necessary.

There are situations where you know that you don’t really want that person to continue to be in your life. Maybe things that happened during the relationship are just too painful. You feel like you can’t forgive him or her for what they did.

You might be surprised later on once the initial hurt has passed at how differently you feel. While the chances that you would want to get back together with that person are slim, you might discover you really miss having him or her in your life.

This is never more true than when your ex was your friend first. When you had a great friendship and that lead to a romantic relationship, relationship breakups don’t just end the romance, but now you’ve lost that great friendship, too.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, if the other person wants to keep you in his or her life, too. The only way to find this out is to have a conversation about it. You might be in for a pleasant surprise to discover that your ex still wants to be friends, too.

If you talk to your boyfriend, though, and he has an attitude or is angry and doesn’t want to continue a friendship, then accept it but don’t burn any bridges. Don’t go out with an attitude or become insulting.

There’s always the chance that he can’t see past the hurt and anger he’s feeling, and could change his mind later. But if you throw a few parting shots to make the pain and hurt even worse, you might be sabotaging your chances of having this person as a friend later.

Relationship breakups are never easy, and it’s not necessarily easy to stay friends afterwards. This is true even if you were best friends before you began the romantic relationship. When you’re in a romance with someone, that person knows intimate details about you and your life.

And after a breakup, some people might see those tidbits of information as weapons. It’s very easy to insult someone in a way that you know will really hurt them when you’re hurting, too. The desire to lash out or to protect yourself by striking the first verbal blow is a natural emotional response.

No one knows the little details that can wound you quite as deeply as someone you’ve been in a relationship with. If your ex uses these little things to hurt you, try to keep it in perspective. Yes, it’s painful, but he’s coming from a place of anger, too.

Don’t fight back like that. Take the high road, and be respectful. Even if your relationship breakups don’t end in you remaining friends, you’ll feel better for not making the situation even worse.

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torsdag 14 februari 2013

Proven Ways Of Mending A Broken Heart

The best part about being a human, is the ability to actually deeply care about and love someone.  To be in love is probably one of the greatest emotions we can experience.  When you're in a relationship and everything is going well, it's sometimes easy to take the relationship for granted. 

Unfortunately, relationships, even the ones you thought were going smoothly, can come to an abrupt end.  While truly caring about someone and loving them is great and a source of pleasure, when the relationship is over it can be a huge source of pain, sorrow, and a broken heart.  If the break up is recent, you may not believe it, but there are things you can do to begin mending a broken heart.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill, potion, lotion, or method for instantly mending a broken heart.   It is imperative that you understand this.  After a break up, there will be times when your emotions are going to be up, down, sideways, diagonal, and every other way, but right.

In fact, you'll probably experience combination's of emotions you never thought possible.  One example is anger and sadness mixed together.  You'll find that sometimes your emotions can change at the drop of a hat.  You'll be feeling fine, laughing one minute, the next you'll be really sad, even crying.   The most important thing you have to realize is that it all seems bleak and dark now.  However, as time presses on, things will get better. 

It is critical that you try to reign in your emotions.  Does this mean you should bottle up your emotions?  No, absolutely not.  However, it does mean that you shouldn't let your sadness, anger, depression, or any other emotion control you for long periods of time. If you're feeling sad, allow yourself to have a “pity party” for a maximum of 15 minutes.  Then, say to yourself “Okay, that's enough.  It's time to stop.

Mending a broken heart is also going to require you to try and stay busy.  If you give your mind a lot of idle time to think, it will probably want to think about your break up.  This isn't good.  Try to keep your mind and body active.  You probably won't feel like doing this very much, but its important.   Go somewhere, do something, try to drag friends along.  Tell them to not let you talk about the break up.  Try not to sit around the house and do nothing.  That's the worst thing you can do.

Falling in love is usually the easy part.  Mending a broken heart is not.  That's just one of the cruel realities of life.  Everything has an equal and an opposite.  The wonderful, uplifting, feelings you get from being in love, are the exact opposite to the miserable, depression and sadness, that go along with a break up.  Time, an active lifestyle, happy thoughts, and good friends will get you through this tough time.

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onsdag 13 februari 2013

A Good Video about solving Relationship problems!

Here is a great video from the creator of the Magic of Making up Course.......that has helped over 50 000 people in 77 countries to make up instead of break up!

Reasons For A Boyfriend Break Up

Have you had a boyfriend break up?  Maybe you were the one calling it quits.  Or, perhaps he dumped you.  Maybe it was a so called “mutual decision.”  In any case, sometimes a boyfriend break up is devastating.

There are many reasons for a boyfriend break upI’m going to look at three in this article.

The first reason is that he cheated on you.  You need to be very clear in your mind what cheating means.  Does that mean that he actually went out on a date with another girl?  Does it mean that he was making out with her at a party?  Does it mean that he danced with another girl?  Does it mean that he simply looked at one?  Defining what you mean by cheating can be very important.

If you have never had a talk about what “exclusiveness” in your relationship means, he may have had no idea that you would consider what he did cheating.  He may even be stunned that you would consider a boyfriend break up over that!

If you want to take him back, then you need to have a talk about expectations.  If he can agree to the expressed rules, you can get back together.  If they’re not something he can live with, then you are better off without him in the long run.

Another reason for a boyfriend break up is that you move in different places.  Sometimes this happens in a physical sense.  For instance, your family moves to another state or you and he go to colleges in different locations.  Most relationships cannot survive a great distance in geography and the break up may be mutual, but still painful.

Other times this happens because you start to move in different social spheres in the same place.  You may join the cheerleading squad and he’s not comfortable with your new friends, for instance.  Or, he gets serious about a religious preference that you have no interest in.  When this happens, it is just time to move on.

Finally, a boyfriend break up can occur when you need a different kind of lifestyle.  You may just be tired of having to cater to a boy’s needs ahead of your own, for instance.  Or, you may be bored with him.  He may have seemed glamorous and exciting at first, but now he’s just a pain.  You may have thought you needed a boyfriend because all of your other friends were pairing up, but now you realize that you need your own space and are not ready for a relationship.

In this case, the guy may agree with you or he may try to win you back.  But, make sure you put your own needs first.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other guys out there who are eager to have a girl like you, so there’s no need to have a relationship that isn’t working for you.  Although it may hurt at first, you will survive a boyfriend break up.

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Take A Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz

A “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz is something a person doesn’t take unless she has doubts about the relationship. If you’re considering taking such a quiz, you might not need the quiz to tell you the answer. If you’re unhappy, or you don’t think he treats you right, you shouldn’t worry about taking a “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz. You already know.

But if you want to take such a quiz, they can open your eyes to some things in your relationship. A “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz usually has multiple choice questions that offer up several different scenarios for each question.

If you take the quiz, just on a whim, and realize that most of the answers you choose show the relationship or the boyfriend isn’t ideal, that can get you thinking about your boyfriend and about how things should change. So if you’re happy with the way things are, you might want to skip the quiz.

On the other hand, you might want to compare your relationship with what the quiz considers to be a good and bad relationship. Of course, you have to keep in mind that many of these quizzes are put together more as a joke than anything else.
If it’s a “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz you find online, especially at a site where you can take quiz after quiz on almost any subject, then beware. Anyone can make those quizzes. You could make one advising people when to break up, too. They’re just based on what one person thinks.

If it’s a quiz from a magazine and was created by someone with actual human relations or relationship expertise, then you can take the results a little more seriously. But even if the quiz appears to be completely sincere, you shouldn’t break up with your boyfriend only based on the quiz results.

If you’re taking the quiz for fun, definitely discount any answers you get. If you’re taking it because you have doubts and you wonder if you should break up with your boyfriend, then pay a little closer attention. Read your results carefully to decide if it’s really accurate for your situation.

These quizzes aren’t designed to actually tell you what to do when it comes to your boyfriend. They’re designed more to give you a guidelines about how things should be in your relationship under certain circumstances.

If your answers vary far from what the quiz author believes to be what is healthy and normal in a good relationship, you might want to examine things a little closer and see what you can do to help the situation.

Everything wrong in the relationship won’t be entirely your boyfriend’s fault, after all. A good relationship really does take two. And if you wanted to take the quiz to start with, if you think about it you’ll probably realize that it didn’t take a “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz to tell you what you needed to know.

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tisdag 12 februari 2013

What A Good Quiz For A Relationship Can Reveal

Can a quiz for a relationship really tell you anything you don’t already know? The answer is often yes, but you have to make sure you’re taking a well designed quiz created by someone with some real credentials. Find one of those and there are some very interesting things you can learn about what’s in store for your relationship.

Overall compatibility.

Don’t feel like relying on your horoscope to guide you to your soul mate? A good quiz for a relationship may not be able to tell you where your soul mate is, but it can give you an idea whether or not the person you’re with now might be it. Quiz results can give you insight into important factors like compatibility of beliefs, habits, and long-term goals.

Healthy or not?

If you’ve ever been stuck in an unhealthy relationship that involved physical or psychological abuse, no doubt you never want to be in one again. The worst thing about these situations is that it’s often hard to see where things are headed until its too late.

That’s where a quiz for a relationship comes in. By asking the right questions, a relationship quiz can help you pick up on early warning signs that you and your partner may not only be incompatible, but may actually be in an unhealthy situation. 

Eternal love or dead end?

No matter how crazy you are about each other right now, you can never be 100% sure it will last. You can, however, get some idea whether when you have a good chance or you’re doomed to break up, though. Questions about how you envision the future with your partner and what kinds of plans you’ve made together can give you a fair amount of insight into this.

What problems are in store?

Yep, every relationship has some problems. Having an idea about what yours might be gives you a chance to head them off before they get too serious. A well designed quiz for a relationship uses questions that help you zero in on potential problems that could grow into something big.

The quiz does this by asking things like how you deal with your partner’s annoying habits, what causes of any moments of tension between you, and what emotions seem to characterize your relationship.

How others see you!

Even if there aren’t any problems between you, your relationship could still face pressure from outside forces. It might be due to difference in age, race, social status, or any number of things you overlook when you’re deeply in love. Unfortunately, your family and close friends may not overlook these things and constant criticism from them puts a strain on the relationship. You need to be aware of what social problems you might run into so you can discuss how you’re going to handle them.

A quiz for a relationship can tell you a lot about what you and your partner you have to look forward to in the near future. Just remember, though, no two relationships are the same, so no matter how accurate the test, be ready for a few surprises all the same.

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måndag 11 februari 2013

Why Fantasies Are Actually Healthy For a Relationship

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is one very important issue that affect our life in many ways.
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As about why fantasies are actually healthy for a relationship I will begin telling you my own story. It all started out as almost every relationship almost on a bed of roses but gradually I found out that those roses had thorns to. Easy to say I really was no good copying on that side of a relationship meaning that every problem that rose up in our deep blue sky I neither faced it or talked about it. Neglecting it as long as possible became my way to "solve problems" which initially seemed to work but instead of going away things just became worse. Coming back to the title about fantasies I think it´s a key point to consider because we often start out with very positive fantasies of how our new love will be and also how our relationship will be, often more positive than realistic. Such fantasies are far from good in the long run but they are actually essential for a relationship in the beginning because otherwise we may not have had the courage to even consider to flirt with her at all. But if we use our fantasies to also see a positive solution possible when we discover the thorns it will help us. It´s easy to be negative and reject our own part of a dispute which make us self-imposed victims and therefore without quilt. Or as I did pretend everything´s alright which in the end will lead to a fight.
So what is there to do? I have a few good starting points here:
#1 is we both carry at least half of the problem.
#2 is listen more than you speak.
#3 is that the actual subject we disagree on is not every time the real issue.
#4 is to confirm your spouse; look her in the eyes and say you love her.
#5 is to be yourself from the beginning, show your genuine self.
Sometimes though and for different reasons things are going completely out of control and a solution seems out of reach. My experience is that it´s almost impossible to get through to each other when carry hurt feelings. It just has to lay low for a time until the smoke has cleared the air after the "explosion". At that time it is very wise to get some professional help for example therapy about relationship in some form; there´s some good resources both online and "offline" so to say. In closing I would like to say stick to what you have and take your part of the responsibility both for the good and the bad!

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