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lördag 30 december 2017

It Only Takes One Trick to Win Her Back

Getting your girlfriend back may seem like the most difficult task on the planet. It doesn't have to be though. Many guys make it much more difficult than is necessary. You see, you've been led to believe, mostly in Hollywood movies and by the makers of fine jewelry, chocolate, and greeting cards, that this is the way it's supposed to be. That isn't the case at all.

In fact, once the girl leaves, the average relationship may seem irrevocably broken, but there are still easy tips you can follow that really will help you get her back. Here are a few things you should remember if you really want to win her back.

Stop Living in the Past

Turn of the century American Author, Alice Morse Earle, once wrote: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it is called the present." Living in relationship past robs you both of all the joy of each day together when you're in the relationship. Now that she has left, however, it can rob you of a clear perspective on what needs to be done now in order to save the relationship and make it work this time around.

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 It Only Takes One Trick to Win Her Back

Become the Man You WANT to Be

This is hard for many men. It's something you may not have given a lot of thought to. Bruce Willis starred in a great movie called The Kid, where the grown up man is confronted by his eight year old self. The eight year old was horrified at the man he'd become saying, "So, I'm forty, I'm not married, I don't fly jets, and I don't have a dog? I grow up to be a loser."

Sometimes there is wisdom in those childhood echoes. You may have given up on the idea of flying jets (who really ever gives that one up though?), but that doesn't mean you can't take steps to be the man you want to be -- even if that does involve learning to fly a jet. The first step is deciding who you want to be. Then you must tackle the process of becoming that man.

How does that Help You Get the Girl?

Life doesn't always follow a movie script. You might have to wait a little while to really get her attention. But, once you start making real, notable changes in the man you are and stop trying to recapture a past that wasn't as picture perfect as you remember, you'll be able to gain a new outlook on the future. One thing is certain. Once you become the man you WANT to be, the here and now, the PRESENT, is something she'll WANT to be part of.

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onsdag 27 december 2017

You Should Ask for this Before You Get Your Ex Back

No matter how down and out you feel about the ending of your relationship, it's important to understand that it's not completely your fault things didn't work out. No matter what your ex tries to convince you, it takes two people to make or break a relationship. It will take two people working together to put it back together again. You need to understand this and ask for things to change before you get your ex back. These are the reasons why you deserve better in the future.

You Bring Value to the Relationship Too

Everyone in a relationship has a role to play and a contribution to make. Both of you bring something special and unique to the relationship. The key is to learn to value your own contribution to the relationship and ask for the things you need that you aren't getting out of the relationship. It's also equally important that you invite your boyfriend to do the same and listen with an open mind when he does.

He'll Respect You More For It

Respect is important for men. They love being shown respect. Even more, they love it when the woman they love earns their respect. He wants to be proud of you. He also wants to be proud to be associated with you. When you stand up for yourself and ask him to show you the respect you deserve, he will be a little surprised at first, but much more likely to deliver than if you never asked.

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You Should Ask for this Before You Get Your Ex Back

Respect is a Two-Way Street 

It's very important to show your man respect. It's one of the most important things you can do for your man if you want to keep him happy and make your relationship last. But you also need to expect it from him. Be careful about accepting anything less than the respect you deserve from him and for going back to him if he isn't willing to give you the respect. Respect should never be given that it isn't earned and it should never be sacrificed in the name of love.

Because You're Worth It

Back in the 1980's, a prominent cosmetics company coined the phrase, "Because you're worth it." The slogan was to remind women that they deserve the very best in cosmetics and hair care items because of all the things they do at home, on the job, and in their relationships. While the slogan still circulates, the message has gotten lost in a large segment of women. You forget that you deserve respect. You're worth it. Say it with me. "You're worth it!" Now remember that whenever tempers flare and disrespectful words are uttered or deeds are done and demand better in the future - for the sake of your relationship and your sanity.

It's not enough to go back to the way things were right before your breakup. You need to do better this time around. Better begins with asking for the things you need in the relationship and expecting to get them this time around.

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lördag 23 december 2017

ROBBED at gunpoint!

Is there something you can learn by being
robbed at gunpoint?

As TW Jackson explains in the <Magic Of Making Up System>

after your initial contact...you want to set up your
"1st Date" again.

AND...the MOST important part, the secret and
the part nobody else but T Dub will tell ya :-)...is the date HAS


That DOES NOT mean 'dinner and a movie'.

because...well...it's BORING...and does not
create a bonding...or in our case a RE-bonding

In fact, you want to pack in several emotionally
charged mini-dates in a span of a couple hours.


If you just do 'dinner and a movie' you lose
out on a Sociologically PROVEN principle...

emotionally charged experiences = bond

Look at it in another way.

Last time you went to the bank, do you
remember the person in line in front of you?

Behind you?

Probably not. Me either.


What if while you were in the bank, it

and the robbers couldn't get the safe open. The
robbers are livid,  screaming and waving huge guns
around. The tension feels so thick you could
cut through it with a knife.

You are lying face down on the cold bank floor
and can see your breath fogging up the tile below.

You are trembling...because it is eerily silent
for a moment.

"Oh my god!"

"Where are the robbers?"

"Are they behind me?"

"Are they watching me?"

So you slowly move your eyes around and
see a sweet older lady lying right next to you.

Beautiful Young Couple

She looks a little like Grandma, and you come
out of your own haze enough to realize that she
is even more terrified than you. She is softly sobbing.

You slowly reach out and take her hand in yours
and give her a little squeeze that says..."it's gonna
be all right."


Let me ask?

Are you going to EVER forget that older lady?


Do you think she will EVER forget you?

Not in a million Sundays!

Now...I'm not saying to go rob a bank on
your first date! LOL.

But you want to go on an EMOTIONALLY
charged and exciting date...and preferably several
mini-dates in a span of a couple hours.

A short roller coaster ride is one GREAT example.

T Dub teaches you more about things like emotionally
charged dates in the Magic Of Making Up System.


You'll also discover psychological tactics and techniques
you can use to get you BACK on that first date with your
ex again.

Best Wishes,

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torsdag 21 december 2017

Relationship Help - Money Management Communication is Key to Happy Home

Money isn't the root of all evil, but evidence suggests it is the leading cause of separations and divorces throughout the world. Even if both partners agree to the overall idea that they need to manage their money better, problems arise, when they disagree over how to manage the money or have miscommunications regarding who is or isn't going to do what with the money.

Here are a few universal truths to keep your money management plan for a happy marriage from falling apart as rapidly as your marriage.

Make Sure Both Partners have Some "Fun" Money of their Own

Invariably there is one person who makes more money than the other in the relationship. Neither partner should be investing 100 percent of earnings into the bill, family, and grocery till. Both of you need a little extra money to pursue things that are important and enjoyable to you without jeopardizing the entire family budget. In order words, you need to plan a set amount for fun money, for each of you, before you do anything else.

Don't Overlook the Children

Invariably when this happens, the responsibility of giving the kids fun money falls on one parent or the other and it almost always comes from the "fun" money fund - rendering it not so fun. Whether it's setting aside funds for allowances, school needs, clothing, entertainment, sports, etc. those expenses need to be factored into the family budget and a set amount of spending for these things needs to be determined as well.

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Relationship Help - Money Management Communication is Key to Happy Home

Choose Areas of Drastic Spending Restraints Together

Both voices in the relationship need to chime in where major spending cuts are concerned. Sacrifices need to be made on all sides of the equation if you're going to set financial goals and plan for a financial future together. Otherwise, why are you working to save for the future at all? It's about togetherness and shouldn't feel as a punishment for one person while the other person is making few, if any concessions.

Put it All in Writing

Iron out the details. Write it down. Make a copy. You both must be on the same page when it comes to the new family budget and money management efforts if either of you are going to be happy with the outcome. More importantly, seeing the revised plan on paper gives you both the opportunity to see if there are any spending weaknesses, forgotten expenses, or other concerns that have been overlooked in your plan.

It seems like such a simple step, and yet, so much can be riding on working it out amiably. Don't let your relationship go down without a fight because one of you has a hard time managing money. Sit down and work on a plan that promises success.

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måndag 18 december 2017

Signs She's Thinking About Leaving and How to Make Her Love You Again

No man wants to entertain the possibility that the object of his affections is considering walking away. However, it's a worry that comes into most relationships at one point or another. Before you jump the gun though, and make assumptions that simply aren't true, it's a good idea to explore these signs she's got leaving on her mind and what you can do to make her love you again.

She's Working Extra Hours

According to a recent Daily Mail UK article, a wife who's suddenly working extra hours, may be thinking about leaving. Many women often see extra hours of work as a type of insurance that they'll be financially able to survive the burden of single living when they do leave the relationship. Ironically, the extra hours worked in the office, did not equate to a more equitable share of household duties, responsibilities, and childrearing.

What can you do to make her love you again if she's working late? Perhaps now is the time to roll out the red carpet and show her what she'll be missing if she does walk away. While you don't have to do it all, make her feel that her extra hours are noticed and that you appreciate the effort she's making on behalf of the family. Pitch in around the house a little bit. Offer her a "night off" during the week. Or simply offer her a back massage - no strings attached (unless she makes the first move). Little things are often what makes or breaks a marriage. Make them work in your favor for a change.

She's Stopped Nagging

While most men initially want to shot joyous expressions from the mountaintops, if your wife suddenly stops nagging, it may not be good news for your marriage. The average male hates few things more than he hates being nagged. It's like getting a running dialog of how you're not measuring up to your wife's expectations. It leaves you feeling angry and small (and not at all inclined to do the deed being requested -- EVER).

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Signs She's Thinking About Leaving and How to Make Her Love You Again

Most of the time, you even tune out the nagging completely. If it sounds like your wife's about to start nagging her monologue begins to take on the intonations of the teacher from Charlie Brown cartoons. So it may even take you a while to notice that she's stopped asking/nagging you to do anything. Once you do, you may feel a moment of relief and even excitement that she's finally gotten the message. The problem with that though, is that most of the time it isn't the message you wanted her to get.

Quite often, for women, the decision to quit "nagging" is one that's only made once she's given up on rescuing the relationship. It means that she's not going to try anymore. It's a good sign that leaving is very much on her mind.

What can you do when this is the case? You might have to do something totally out of character to win your wife's affection once again. You need to start by talking to each other. She feels unimportant to you because you're not taking an interest in the things she asks you to do. You feel "put upon" or put down by her because she keeps asking you to do something you do not want to do. Somewhere in the middle is a solution that will work for both of you. But, no one is going to find it if you keep ignoring the problem that's ripping your marriage to shreds.

Sometimes the answers aren't as easy as making her fall in love with you again. Love, after all, isn't always the problem in divorce or breakups. The key is to have those conversations before things get out of hand and leaving is a card she's thinking about playing.

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torsdag 14 december 2017

Signs Your Husband is Cheating

No woman wants to believer her husband is cheating on her. However, most women really do know when it's happening. Whether you can admit it to yourself or not, it's almost always best to know what's going on so you can make informed decisions about what has to happen next. These are a few of the signs you should be on the lookout for that indicate your husband really may be stepping out on you.

He Becomes Mr. Critical

If your normally docile and easy-going husband has recently turned into Mr. Critical, it's often his way of dealing with the guilt or his affair and/or comparing you to the other woman. Many men look for faults in you in order to justify the affair and soothe their consciences over cheating.

He Begins Spending More Time Away from Home

If your husband has suddenly started working extra hours, joined a gym without the sweaty results, or taken a sudden interest in a previously unmentioned hobby that keeps him away from home several nights a week, it could be a sign that he's spending that time with someone else.

He Goes "Off the Grid" Sometimes

We live in a day and age of constant connectivity. Between mobile phones, computers, and other technological wonders, no one is ever out of touch for long. They especially aren't out of touch with any degree of regularity. If he's going off grid on a regular basis, then it's likely intentional rather than accidental and that can be a sign of real trouble for your relationship.

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Signs Your Husband is Cheating

His Sexual Preferences Change

Sometimes this presents itself in a sexual drought at home. Other times it presents as more frequent sex than ever before. It's almost as if he's trying to make up for his indiscretion by behaving even more lovingly at home. However, it almost always results in changing preferences and evolving interests in the bedroom.

He Brings Up a Specific Other Woman in Conversation Often

If he's talking about another woman a great deal it's because she's on his mind. That, in and of itself, is cause for concern -- but not necessarily alarm. In many cases, he's thinking about an affair when he's talking about her. When he suddenly stops talking about her is when you should be alarmed.

Knowing what's going on his mind is half the battle. It is possible to stop an affair before it gets started or becomes too serious if you are aware of the signals and make a concerted effort to stop things before they really heat up.

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måndag 11 december 2017

Making up in the Movies - Why Doesn't it Really Work That Way?

You've seen it happen in the movies dozens, if not hundreds of time. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy breaks girl's heart (mean boy!). Girl breaks up with boy. Boy makes heroic effort with giant 1980's boom boxes, saying "hello," flying a jet, and countless other antics to win her heart back. The problem is, one person is writing the script for both of them in the movies. They're playing pre-defined roles and following cues. Real life doesn't quite work that way.

Lack of Originality

Unfortunately, a lot of guys haven't gotten the memo. You're still trying to use moves that have been used before. Sadly, these are moves the girls you're trying to get back together with already know about too.

Your ex doesn't want you to copy something that's been done before. If you're going to make a move to get her back, it had better, at the very least, be original. It needs to be something she hasn't seen before. It also needs to be something that you would do. It needs to appear sincere. Using movie lines as your guide makes her feel as though she isn't
important enough to you for something original.

Not Appropriate for Your Situation

Every relationship is different. Every breakup is somewhat unique. You can be having the same arguments as 10,000 other couples around the world, but there are things about the two of you and your situation that make those same arguments and situations unique.

Woman in White Button Up Top and Holding Black Android Smartphone

No matter what the reason for the breakup was, your situation is different than Harry and Sally's (When Harry Met Sally), Joe and Kathleen's (You've Got Mail), Maverick and Charlie's (Top Gun), and Pat and Tiffany's (Silver Linings Playbook). You need to take the time and make the effort to come up with something unique and specific to your romantic situation. More importantly, it needs to be something that will matter to her and melt her heart.

Alternative Endings Worth Considering

That is, of course, if you're going for movie magic effects. However, you could do something else altogether. Something she may even find curious and shocking. You could let her go -- at least for a little while. Instead of going after the girl, give her a little time to think things through.

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Then, after a little time has passed, chances are you won't need to call her. She'll call you. When that happens, you can both enjoy a happy ending that's much better than anything Hollywood could come up with because it's the story that belongs to the two of you and no one else.

Get Your Ex Back