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fredag 15 maj 2015

Text Messaging's Impact on Mobile Discovery

Text Messaging's Impact on Mobile Discovery
by James Page

Text messaging is still wildly popular as a way to communicate and the fast nature with which these messages can be exchanged means that this form of communication can make up a lot of the work in electronic discovery for litigation. There is a lot of diversity when it comes to the various ways that text messages are shared and stored, and the evolution of this technology certainly has important ramifications for mobile discovery now and in the future. Today, cell phones operate much like small computers, meaning that a wealth of information can be linked to a cellphone and its records.

There's a new frontier when considering mobile messaging and electronic discovery. While there are laws in place for e-discovery and recommendations and guidelines as well, mobile messaging is a constantly evolving technology. This means that not only does it play an important role in today's litigation preparation, but attorneys and researchers will need to be at the forefront of the changes in mobile technology at play over the coming years, too. There are many issues already at the forefront of this conversation, like data retention, privacy and production.

Text messaging is a leading way for people to communicate, whether the issue at hand is personal or professional. The extremely fast nature of today's networks means that data can be shared within a matter of seconds over a text message, and this can result in thousands of messages exchanged between users in a given month. For the attorney responsible for reviewing this material, it can be a challenge to evaluate all this material and refine it to determine what's most applicable to the case.

Innovation, much like the creativity improving the experience of mobile for the end user, will be a driving factor in this conversation. Keeping profits up is a primary goal for the technology experts behind new developments, but these same developments could have important ramifications for the attorneys and staff charged with reviewing this material.The bottom line is that the discussions over mobile and electronic discovery are evolving too. Staying on top of industry news as well as legal updates is crucial for anyone who is using mobile messaging in their electronic discovery research. The final word hasn't been spoken, and it's clear that this issue will continue to be in the spotlight for some time. Being adaptable and flexible is in the best interest of professionals working in this arena.

(This blog article is based on the article entitled "The evolution of text messaging and its impact on mobile e-discovery" written by Mike May and Andrew Russell, Esq. of the Cannon Group, published on December 5, 2013 on the ACEDS website: http://www.aceds.org/the-evolution-of-text-messaging-and-its-impact-on-mobile-e-discovery)

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James F. Page is a certified electronic discovery specialist. He is also approved as a certified mediator and has been helping individuals throughout Florida settle their disputes using mediation. Call 407-341-0069 to learn how mediation can help you or visit http://www.pagemediation.com for more information.

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tisdag 12 maj 2015

How to Get Your Ex Back Using The Law of Attraction - 4 Simple Steps

How to Get Your Ex Back Using The Law of Attraction - 4 Simple Steps
by Allaner Wong

The Law of Attraction - seems scientific, right? What if this can be used to get back together with your ex, wouldn't you want to know more about it and how it can be used to your full advantage?

A break up can be really messy. Heartbreak, depression, and the feeling of being inadequate or extremely unlucky are just some of the negative feelings caused by this unfortunate event.

There are lots of books, websites, resource speakers, and either solicited or unsolicited pieces of advice from friends and relatives which are aimed to push the brokenhearted ones to "move on." Indeed, there are lots of reasons couples break up, some more serious than the others, but whatever they are, doesn't love deserve another chance?

The Law of Attraction is categorized as a belief, theory, or even a universal law, that "like attracts like." Thoughts and feelings that are either negative or positive are said to attract what people receive and experience in their lives.

In a way, it's like being given the pen and paper used to write their own life story. People who repeatedly think that bad luck follows them attract exactly just that into their lives and eventually become their reality. The ones who believe that anything is possible get what they want in the end.

How to Get Your Ex Back

Quantum physicists, psychologist, coaches, philosophers, and experts in personal development all shared how the Law of Attraction works in any part of our lives. In a nutshell, believe with no doubt and one shall receive.

So how can this law be used in getting your ex back?

Here are 4 very simple steps:

1. Repeatedly tell yourself that you and your ex will be back together.

Using the real name of your ex may be better than saying "my ex." Strongly believing in this is also very important.

2. Specify a reasonable time frame.

Repeatedly doing the first step may give you what you want, but not soon enough if no specific number of months or weeks is included.

3. Be consistent.

When doing things to get back in your ex's good graces, repeatedly think that everything you are saying and doing moves you even closer to getting back with him or her.

4. Think out of the box.

Instead of just thinking and concentrating on the thought of getting back with your ex, think and believe too that he or she desperately wants you back as well. Again, nothing is impossible.

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