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fredag 12 juli 2013

Article 6 and Conclusion of The Series of Articles on Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With

Best Ways To Get Her Back

What to Look for in a Matchmaking Service

When choosing a matchmaking service, you should ask a lot of questions. For instance, find out how long the service has been in business because new companies have fewer members and fewer compatible matches. They also go out of business soon.

Find out what programs they have and the levels and fees for various services. Ask them about how many members they have and get the demographic details such as age, profession and religion. The best bet is to join a service with 1000 to 2000 members with equal numbers of males and females at the various age levels.

Be sure to find out what the relationship goals of the membership are. Is this a matchmaking service for those wanting to get married or just for people looking for a casual date?

Find out who does the actual matching and how long she has been working for the service. Keep in mind that the industry suffers from high turnover rates. If your matchmaker has moved on, ask for another interview with the new matchmaker so that they have a personal interest in you.

Find out what variables you will be matched on. Don't fall for services that “score” you. Also avoid smarmy services that remind you of used car salesmen.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

You should know how you will be informed about your matches. The best services phone you to describe the match and obtain your consent before exchanging your data with another client.

Ask what steps are taken to protect your confidentiality. If you don't get an answer that satisfies you, run!

Ask why the interviewer thinks the program fits you. One way to find out is to ask who the service turns down. Remember, if they take everyone, they'll suit no one.

Look for feedback and testimonials from other members, but keep in mind that the service will only produce the most positive ones.

Ask about what happens when members are dissatisfied. Is there a full or partial refund if the service does not turn out to be useful.

Finally, it's okay to ask the matchmaker what makes her service better than the competitor. Make sure her answer makes sense to you before signing on the dotted line.

The staff should never be allowed to date the members.

Additionally, the service should be located in an office that you go to. Beware of services that come to your home or meet you in a hotel lobby.


You may think it is hard to meet someone special. But your first order of business is to determine where you are in your life.

If you are a casual dater, someone special may be someone to be with you on New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day. You may want to date someone who doesn't have any long term relationship goals, they're just in it for right now.

If you are a more serious dater, you're looking for someone with a little more staying power. This doesn't have to be the man or woman you want to spend your life with, but maybe if the timing is right, you could possibly settle down in the future with him or her. You want someone who shares a good deal of your life interests as you will be spending a lot of time with them.

Finally, if you are laser targeted on finding a husband or wife, you need to take serious steps so that you are dating only people who are also looking for a long term relationship. You don't want to burn out on dating before you find Mr. or Ms. Right who you will raise children with.

It can be hard to find someone special. Both men and women can become frustrated with the lack of available members of the opposite sex! But, using the insight found in these six articles, you should be able to determine just how to find your dream match – where ever you are in your dating life.
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