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söndag 28 juli 2013

Article 3 In the Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Seduction Tips

Do you wonder how to go about seducing your partner?  Here are 12 seduction tips:

1. Close the physical distance – There’s a psychology term called “safe personal distance” which is about two feet apart.  When you move in closer and linger there, you are saying that you are interested in your partner.  After a few seconds, step back.  This encourage your partner to advance.  You are doing a kind of dance without music.

2. Mirror image – Copy your mate’s responses and positions.  When he puts his hand to his mouth, you do the same.  This sends a subtle signal that the two of you are in tune.

3. Repeat what he’s said – You can show that you care about him by repeating what he’s said earlier in the conversation

4. Use her name frequently – There’s something powerful about “naming” someone.  When you use her name, you are calling her out.  You are telling her that she is a real person to you.

5. Wear something sexy – What is sexy varies from person to person so don’t just go by the Victoria’s Secret catalog.  Figure out what he responds to and wear it.  He might be more aroused by the sight of you in a man’s white shirt than by a garter belt.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

6. Groom in front of your partner – Some men find watching their partner put on lipstick to be very seductive.  Some women find watching their man shave to be erotic.

7. Dress in front of your partner - There’s something about watching a woman slip into a pair of very high shoes that can turn some men on.

8. Tell your secrets – When you tell your partner something you’ve never shared with anyone else, you seal the bond between you. 

9. Physical contact – Non-sexual physical contact shows sexual interest.  Run your finger down her cheek, the curve of her throat, or the inside of her wrist.

10. Take advantage of the power of smell – Use scent to enhance the erotic connection.  A lot of women’s frgrances now contain vanilla because this has been found by researchers to be particularly attractive to men.

11. Take care of your spouse.  When you do his  or her chores, run an errand you weren’t asked to run, or are especially tender and comforting, you are showing you really care.  This can be a powerful seduction technique even though many people wouldn’t think of putting it in this category ordinarily.

12. Be a kid again – By doing something utterly frivolous, you enhance the “fun” factor which often leads to making passionate love.  For instance, make snow angels together or cut out a string of paper dolls to give to your mate.

One specific flirting technique is the “eye lock.”  In this technique, you look deep into each others eyes for as long as you can.  This is no child’s game of “dare.”  Instead, it is a way to look into your partner’s soul.

Article 4 in this series of articles on "The Art of Seduction" will pick up on "How To Heighten Your Senses".

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