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lördag 27 juli 2013

Article 2 In The Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Why to Seduce Your Partner

It is extremely important to continue to seduce your partner in a healthy relationship.  Think about it.  Before you knew that you would become lovers, you both put a considerable amount of effort into seduction.  From flirting with one another over lengthy restaurant meals to touching hands, arms, shoulders frequently, you made an effort to get the other one to like you more.

Even after you started making love, you may not have been sure that sex would take place on a regular basis.  So, you continued to seduce each other with romantic dinners at home, new lingerie, flowers, candles, and maybe even a bubble bath from time to time.

But I have a question for you now: how long has it been since you lit the candles, turned down the lights, and shared a romantic dinner wearing sexy lingerie.

Has sex become such a foregone conclusion that you cut to the chase saying “let’s do it” and you do. 

If so, there’s no exciting build up.

While there’s nothing wrong with initiating sex this way some of the time, you still want to begin lovemaking by seducing your partner from time to time.  If you are not the spouse generally initiating sex, you should try it sometimes.  It will be a big turn on for your partner.

If you are in a sexual rut in your relationship, this report will help both men and women seduce and be seduced occasionally no matter how long you have been together.

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Seduction in Lasting Relationships

We tend to think of seduction as an effort to get the other person to say yes to sex.  But, in reality, seduction is more than that.  A successful seduction sets the mood for hot sex.  It is lovemaking that brings the partners to a deeper level of intimacy.  When you are seduced, it brings your love to higher levels than routine sex would.

A routine trip to the bedroom says “I really need sex.”  On the other hand, when you seduce your partner, you are saying “I really need to make love to you.”  The distinction is subtle, but important in terms of having a healthy relationship.

Seduction is a kind of romance.  It personalizes the erotic connection between lovers.  It’s not just two bodies who meet in bed.

Some people have trouble behaving seductively because they associate negative connotations with the word.  Don’t think that seductive behavior is manipulative or tricky.  One of the most sincere compliments you can give your lover is to seduce him or her.

Taking the time to create an enticing mood shows how much you value making love with your partner.

How you seduce your partner varies greatly from one person to another.  Women generally use clothing, fragrance, lighting and food to seduce a man.  They sometimes strike alluring poses which accent their best physical traits.

Men tend to seduce by taking action.  For instance, they take their wives to a nice restaurant or a bed and breakfast.  They also use complements in their seduction techniques.

One way that men can seduce women is by paying close attention to their wives’ needs.  When they listen closely, offer compliments, and caress her lightly, they show her that they love her.

Article 3 will give you tips on "How To Seduce Your Partner" tomorrow.

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