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Article 5 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date

Cook an Aphrodisiacal Dinner

Cook a special dinner for your s.o. and make sure everything on the menu is an aphrodisiac.  The term “aphrodisiac” comes from the Greek God of sensuality, Aphrodite.  While science cannot confirm that these foods have any effect on your libido, eating foods that are supposed to get you in the mood will at least have the placebo effect of getting you in the mood.

Set the stage by bringing out your best china and crystal.  Cut and arrange some flowers.  Put on a clean table cloth. 

Then arrange the menu by courses.

Start with an appetizer of Oysters Rockerfeller.  Oysters get their love-enhancing reputation from their appearance and the mouth-feel of swallowing them whole. However, they are rich in zinc and iron which enhance potency.

Your next course could be a fig and arugula salad.  It is said that breaking up and eating a fig in front of your lover is a powerful erotic act.  The truffles contained in the vinaigrette in following recipe are said to make your skin more sensitive to the touch.

Fresh Figs, Prosciutto and Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmesan and Truffle Vinaigrette
(Serves 2)
2 fresh figs, cut into half
2 very thin prosciutto slices
1 cup arugula leaves
2 pieces shaved Parmesan cheese, approx. 2x3 inches

Truffle Vinaigrette
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons Jerez (sherry) vinegar
2 drops white truffle oil
1 teaspoon minced black truffles
Salt and pepper, to taste

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Your main course could be a chicken breast in orange sauce and asparagus on the side.  In the 1800s in France, bridegrooms were served three courses of asparagus at their prenuptial dinner.

Desert should be strawberries with chocolate fondue and whipped cream.  Be sure to have lots of whipped cream, because you may want to put it to creative use just after dinner is over.

Take a Vacation in Your Town

Most of the cost of a vacation is in the lodging and transportation.  If you can eliminate these things, you can have an inexpensive vacation.

Look at your own city through new eyes.  What would you do if you were coming into town for the weekend and you didn’t live there?  Are there sites you would visit?  Restaurants you would definitely eat at?  Experiences you can only have there?

Too many times we take our own towns for granted and see the greener grass away from home.  When we do this, we overlook the gems that are offered right at home.

If you don’t have the budget to take your sweetheart out of town for the weekend, suggest a vacation in your own town.

To do this, you have to clear the books.  Even though you are staying in your own house, you can’t do any chores.  Tell your boss that you are going away for a romantic weekend and can’t be reached.  Tell your family and friends that you are “on vacation” and aren’t available for normal things.

Sit down ahead of time and plan out a schedule.  If there are things in your town that you love to do but don’t ordinarily make time for, do them.  But, also explore a little.  Do the things you’ve never done.

I know you are trying to save money, but part of the joy of vacations is not having to cook.  So when you go on a vacation to your own town, budget in meals out.  Make sure that at least one of the meals is truly special – just like you would on a more traditional vacation.

Visitors spend thousands of dollars coming to your town.  You’ve got it at your feet.  Make the most of it!
Some more tips tomorrow stay tuned.

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Article 4 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On a Cheap Date

Do Chores Together

Okay, nobody likes to take out the trash or do laundry.  But, they have to be done.  One fun date idea that is absolutely free is to do your chores together.

In the morning, go over to his house and together do the things he hates to do.  That may mean mopping the floors, doing the laundry, or just picking up the living room if it hasn’t been done in months.  Do it together with a smile in a spirit of fun.

Then after a leisurely lunch somewhere cheap, go over to her house and do the things she doesn’t want to do.  That may mean fixing the leaky faucet or doing some yard work. 

When you are done, treat yourselves to a nice dinner.

If you do the chores together, you will get a sense of what the other person wants or needs in a partner.

You will also have more fun than if you did these tasks alone.

Don’t make this a “regular” date though or you might end up resenting having to do the other person’s work.  As a once a year event, it can be a lot of fun.

Plan a Vacation

Okay, so you are broke and can’t afford to go to Paris.  But, there’s nothing stopping you from checking a few travel books out of the library and planning a trip.  When you get together and dream about the journeys you would like to make, it will bring you closer together.

How To Get Lover Back

You can make any “rules” about the trip you want.  For instance, some people like to plan a vacation that might actually be possible.  They have fun making choices among alternatives to stay within a budget.

Other people take a “if I won the lottery” approach and stay at the best hotels and eat at the best restaurants.

Planning a vacation can be a fun way to spend the afternoon.  But, don’t be surprised if it spills over into other discussions for the next few weeks.  One of you will see a news feature about a museum in the city you’re planning to visit and want to “add” it to the “itinerary.”   The other may hear of a great restaurant that they just “have” to “eat” at. 

You can plan a weeklong vacation to a specific city or a longer vacation covering more space.  A month with a Eurail ticket or a driving trip covering the National Parks of the west are two ideas.

Go House Hunting

Do you like to see the inside of other people’s homes?  You can always go on the holiday home tours when they are offered in December, but because these are often fundraisers for charities, they tend to be expensive.  A cheap date (that you can do year round) is to go “house hunting.” 

Now, you’re not going to be seriously considering any of these houses.  To make it fun, visit houses that are outside your reach.  When you go in, you can marvel at the fact that someone actually put a bidet in the bathroom or wonder what it cost to have a stained glass window installed. 

Plan your furniture and figure out what works of art you would need to buy to make the space complete.  Figure out which imaginary child would get what room.  Plan the parties that you could have at the home.

This kind of “dreaming” can work for other events as well.  For instance, you can go dream car shopping.  If you dress well enough, you may even be able to convince the car salesman to let you test drive your dream car.

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Article 3 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There are so many free and low cost activities available when you want to enjoy the great outdoors.  Couple any of the following activities with a picnic lunch, and you’ve got a date that can last from 4 to 10 hours.

For instance, take a Frisbee to the park.    Toss it around before breaking out the picnic lunch.  Then, after you’ve eaten, spend some more time with the plastic disc.

Touch football is a contact sport.  Gotta love that on a date!  Or, play some one on one basketball.  If that’s too much exercise, opt for p.i.g. instead.

Bike riding is a popular date idea.  You can ride to a beautiful destination such as a waterfall and have lunch there.  Then ride home.  A variation on this theme is to rent a bicycle built for two (tandem bike) for the date.

Rollerblading on the boardwalk can be lots of fun if you have any balance at all.  You can either go hand in hand or race each other to a destination.

Ice Skating can be fun in the great outdoors during the winter season and can even be enjoyed in the summer if you have an indoor arena.  Again, people who have done this before tend to have a better time on a first date!

Take to the water.  Going fishing or boating can provide a relaxing way to get to know someone while offering something to do with one’s hands. 

In the summer, grab some inner tubes and float down a river.

Fill up some water balloons and have a messy fight (gals, wear a white t-shirt for added impact!)  In the winter, a snow ball fight serves the same purpose.  And, wintertime also brings on the possibility of building the biggest, best snowman in the neighborhood.

In many personal ads, people say they want to find someone to take “midnight strolls on the beach” with.  But how many people actually do this?  Surprise your date with an evening trip to the nearest body of water for a romantic walk.

Take a Class

If you really want to spend some time with a person, consider signing up for a class together.  A class can consist of a one afternoon demonstration on how to make sushi to a year long language course at the university.

Perhaps one of the most romantic date classes is dance lessons.  When you learn to dance, you have years of great dates ahead of you.  You can choose whatever kind of dancing is interesting to the two of you, but ballroom, tango, and salsa dancing are definitely the kinds of classes where “it takes two.”

How To Go On A Cheap Date

You may be interested in cooking classes.  Generally cooking classes are one to four sessions in length, so you will not be committing to a long period of time.  Also, there are a variety of kinds of cooking classes from helping you develop basic cooking skills to advanced sessions on specific kinds of cooking.  Some classes are taught by professional cooks in their kitchens.  Others are sponsored by restaurants or gourmet supermarkets.  There are also cooking classes at junior colleges and community centers.

Community colleges have semester and half semester long classes on a whole variety of liberal arts subjects that don’t cost much money.  In California, for instance, a 45 hour literature course costs less than $100 plus text books.  You can take classes in comparative religion, creative writing, psychology, or any other subject that sparks your interest.  Maybe the most romantic class you can take is a romance language.  Wouldn’t you like to be able to say “I love you” in Italian?

University extension centers have non-credit courses as well.  Some of these mirror the content of a normal university course without the homework.  Others are related to helping you develop professional skills.  But some, are just for fun.  For instance the University of California at Berkeley has an extension series in wine appreciation.  And, Harvard’s extension program offers classes in Folklore and Mythology, Hindi, and Film.

Your Park and Recreation or Community Center probably also offers a range of classes you can take for fun.  The Austin, TX Parks and Rec department offers month long classes (once a week) in subjects as varied as sculpture, photography, and short film.

If you are thinking about getting married, a personal finance class could help you bridge the ways you think about money and help you build a more secure future.

One kind of class that could pay dividends is a couple’s massage class.  This is one class where you won’t mind doing your “homework.”

When you learn together, you grow together as a couple.  Signing up for classes together provides a series of inexpensive and enriching dates. Next article on How To Go On A Cheap Date will be tomorrow.

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Article 2 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date

Festivals, Fairs, and Farmer’s Markets

Your area probably has major festivals several times a year.  For instance, you may have a film festival featuring classic movies or movies from a specific culture or country. 

Harvest festivals in the United States tend to center around a certain crop important to the area.  For instance, in Indio, CA there is a National Date festival every February.  In Michigan, a Cherry Festival is held in July. 

There are also festivals which center around a certain culture.  Chinese New Years celebrations take place in a large number of cities in late January or early February.  Communities with large Jewish, Greek, or Mexican immigrant populations may also feature celebrations around important dates.  While these events draw largely from the stated community, all are welcome and visitors are encouraged to come.  These events are either free or charge a small fee.  You will also be able to pick up some cheap ethnic food at these festivals.

Then there are specialty festivals and gatherings.  For instance there are several Renaissance Faires held across the country.  Fantasy and science fiction fans get together frequently for events as well.  If your date is interested in any of these genres, you can make a splash by taking them to these cheap date venues.

Fairs are also great date ideas.  These are largely held in the summer or on holidays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day.  There is usually a low admission charge that gets you into the event and most of the shows.  Separate fees are charged for rides and for headline events.  You can often find discounts or packages through local sponsors such as grocery stores.

But you don’t have to wait for the annual fair or festival to enjoy the camaraderie of outdoor entertainment.  Many communities put on significant farmer’s markets each week.  In addition to produce and craft sales, the larger farmer’s markets feature weekly entertainment.  Admission to the market is free.  You can often pick up dinner on the cheap from street venders as well.

How To Go On A Cheap Date


When you volunteer, you not only get a free date, you give something back to the community.  If you and your significant other share a passion for some cause, your relationship will become closeras a result of working together toward a common cause.

If your significant other is already involved in a volunteering activity, try joining them.  Otherwise, sit down and come up with a list of things you both care about. 

For instance, if you are an animal lover, go to the local shelter and play with the cats and dogs.  These animals do not get enough attention and the shelter needs all of the help it can get.  Spending a couple of hours with animals that have been mistreated can be a lot of fun, and it does a world of good for these lonely cats and dogs.

But volunteering doesn’t have to happen on an institutional scale either.  If you and your significant other know someone who has broken a leg or otherwise become immobile, volunteer to walk their dog once a day for the duration.  This becomes time you can spend together and you are doing a friend a good turn.

Similarly, you can do yard work for an elderly neighbor when the seasons require it.  In the fall, mandatory leaf raking can be too physically demanding for an older person and if they are on a fixed budget, it may be to expensive for them to hire someone to do it.  But, if you and your s.o. pitch in, you can have a ball doing this together.

If you enjoy children, make a “play date” so that a young couple or single mom can have a night out.  You and your s.o. can play monopoly, watch cartoons, and wrestle with their kids.  It will give you and your date a chance to see how the other interacts with children, a vital piece of information if you would like to have a family together someday.

My final volunteer date is to have a political experience.  Political rallies have all of the pomp of a concert.  In fact, at rallies for more high profile races, there are often rock stars present.  Liberal candidates tend to have a higher “big name” draw.  Obama’s campaign was able to feature Jennifer Hudson, wil.i.am, Sheryl Crow, and Bruce Springsteen to various events.  Lee Greenwood is a standard headliner at big Republican events.

Article 3 will continue in this series of articles on Cheap Dates, tomorrow. Here is more on the subject: Make up instead of Break up with the magic second chance letter.

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Article 1 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date

So, times are tough.  You owe more on your home than it is worth.  Your stocks took a dive.  You’re even worried that your job might not be around next month.  How can you get into a romantic mood with all of these worries?

Fortunately, great dates don’t have to cost a lot of money.  In fact, you may be able to impress your date more with your ingenuity than you would with cold hard cash.  Often, the things that cost the least can end up being the most fun.

So, it is in that vein that I present to you 20 Great Cheap Dates.

How To Go On A Cheap Date

Get Some Culture

There are any number of cultural events going on in your town.  While box seats at the orchestra may set you back a couple hundred dollars, many cultural activities are cheap.  Some are even free.

For instance, while museum admission generally costs $5 to $25 per person, many institutions have gone to having one evening a month that is free.  Often, on these free evenings, there are additional curators, interpretive advisors, or exhibits on display for the extra people who come.  Go to www.MuseumStuff.com to find a museum near you.

Communities also sponsor free concerts from time to time.  Concerts in the park are a favorite summertime activity.  These events feature all kinds of music including classical, jazz, ethnic, and modern fare. 

Live theater can often be found for not much more than a movie ticket.  In addition to community theater groups, check college and even high school offerings. 

Art schools have an annual exhibition for their graduating students each spring.  These provide a cheap date where you can see cutting edge artistic works and support local artists.

Colleges and universities also provide cheap entertainment in the form of free lectures and readings.  Some of the top minds in the world come to college campuses to share their experiences and thoughts with the community.  For instance, Iraqi journalist and NPR contributor Haidar Hazma is currently touring college campus.  Ms. Hazma covered the trial and execution of Saddam Hussein.  Loyd Auerbach, the director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations is currently on the circuit with a presentation called “True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings.”

Authors also do readings on campus.  Sometimes popular authors are invited as part of the regular lecture series.  Other times, the school brings in specific authors that students in a given class are reading to enhance the curriculum.  There is often a public reading of the work in addition to an address to the class.

When you choose a low cost culturally-related date, you will not only save money, you will show your date your sophisticated side.

Article 2 in this series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date will continue tomorrow.

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Article 7 and Concluding Article On Mending My Broken Heart

Can You Get Him Back

One of the big questions people have when they have been dumped is whether they can get their ex back.  There are any number of tricks and techniques to do ensnare your ex, but the question is whether you want to.  Even if it hurts, is this a good time to let go and move on?

If you do decide you want your ex, there are three paths to take, only one of which is truly effective.

The one most people choose is to act needy.  They write long letters to their ex pouring out their heart (and they actually send them rather than burn them which I suggest earlier.)  They make midnight phone calls or send multiple text messages.  They send friends as emissaries to “feel out” whether their ex would want them back.

This tends to be a turn off for many ex’s.  He will feel hunted and go out of his way to shy away from you.

A second route is recommended by many of the “get your ex back” products and it involves playing games.  Show up where he hangs out and then talk to everyone but him.  Flirt with his buddies.  Even date his best friend.

In the long run, these tricks cannot repair a broken relationship – even if they get him back short term.

If you really are determined to get him back, you need to take control of yourself.  Become the women he fell in love with all over again.  Do a makeover and take better care of yourself.  It’s okay to start dating again because this will let him know that you are an attractive person to other men. 

If you take control of yourself, there is some hope that he will fall in love with you again.  You haven’t hounded him into coming back and you haven’t played any games.  You’ve simply moved on with your life while being open to his returning.

In this way, you can start to move on while leaving the door open which is probably the best way to leave things if you want to get your ex back.

How To Get Lover Back

Can You Still Be Friends?

One of the standard lines in a break up is “I just want to be friends.”  Is it possible to just be friends with someone who you have previously had an intimate relationship?

Although being friends after the split offers temporary relief, it may block the slow but necessary passage from loss to restoration of independence. 

You need to give each other space to heal and to move on with life.  If you see each other frequently, you may try to hold on to some thoughts of getting back together. 

If you do want to be friends in the long run, give yourself some space in the short term.  Take a 30 day “vacation” from each other.  During this time, you should not have any contact with each other including phone calls, meetings, or emails.  Go out of your way to not be present where the other one is.

If you do decide to remain friends after this 30 day period, the feeling must be mutual.  If one person decides that they do not want to pursue a friendship, then it is not possible.

If you still want to be friends, there must be some ground rules.  Understand the feelings each of you have for each other.  You should also understand each of your motivations for wanting to stay in contact.

When you talk, ask neutral questions rather than emotionally laden ones.  Avoid hurtful confrontations or questions.

You should also establish boundaries.  For instance, how often do you want to see or call each other?  What kind of gifts are appropriate for the new friendship?


The best piece of advice I have for you is "this too shall pass."  No, it’s not easy.  But, life isn't easy.  Instead, life is filled with sorrows and joys.  Rejoice in the fact that you are human and that you will find your soul mate in the future. Next advice is from the man who created  A Phenomenal Innovation In Relation Support and Love Advice!

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Best Ways To Get Her Back:Mending My Broken Heart

Surviving the Immediate Future

Once you get past the initial shock of the break up, you will still have a period of mourning.  During this time, you have to toughen up.  While you may have been able to indulge your self for a short time, now it is time to adjust to the new reality.

Take good care of yourself.  While having a pint of Ben and Jerry’s felt good right after the break up, developing good eating habits is important now.  You should also be exercising regularly.  The endorphins that your body produces when you exercise will help improve your mood.

Don’t be afraid to cry when the mood strikes you.  You are going to have ups and downs.  But, don’t give in to a chronic state of depression.

Forgive your ex.  At some point, you will have to forgive your ex for breaking your heart.  You will also have to forgive him for any actions he took during the relationship which hurt you.  The longer you hold anger toward him, the longer it will be before you can exit the break up mentality.

You should also ask him for forgiveness for any of the hurt you caused in the relationship.  This will allow you to cleanse.

Go out – even when you don’t feel like it.  This can mean going out with your friends for social things.  But it can also mean going out on dates with a new person.  While you don’t want to enter into a hot and heavy rebound relationship, going out on dates will allow you to see yourself as an attractive catch.  It will boost your self esteem at a time when you really need it.  Go out on a date with someone you are not likely to fall in love with.

Socialize with your friends and reconnect with people who you have let go of.  Many times, a relationship dominates our lives and our other friends get squeezed out without us even knowing it.  Go through your address book or email list and find people you haven’t talked to in a few months.  Set up a time to go out for coffee.

Take up a new hobby or interest.  If you always wanted to try toll painting, take a class.  If your ex was a couch potato but you like the great outdoors, join a hiking group.  Not only will your new activity take up some of the time left vacant from the termination of the relationship, you will also have the chance to meet new people.

Think about getting out of town for a few days.  The change in scenery could be good for your soul.

You can also get a new hairstyle or do a wardrobe makeover.  You don’t have to consider his preferences any more.  It may be a good time to reinvent yourself.

Remember that healing takes time.  You are going to have good days and bad. 

Figure out what you were supposed to have learned from the relationship and then apply that to your life in the future.

Finally, believe that your ex did you a favor in the long term when he called it off.  Your true soul mate is still out there waiting for you.

In the long term, you will begin to compartmentalize the experience.  Your ex will become just another boyfriend.  That will be one part of your life, but you will have many other parts.

This series of article on "Mending My Broken Heart" will continue tomorrow. Watch this video below from T W Jackson who has helped over 50 000 people to get back to love again with The Magic of Making Up.