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onsdag 31 juli 2013

Best Ways To Get Her Back:Articel 6 The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Pillow Talk

Whispering sweet nothings at the right time can lead to passionate payoffs. Talking in bed have better communication and happier relationships.

If you have fallen into the habit of watching TV or reading silently in bed every night, try mixing things up.  Conversation often precedes intimate sex. 

Don’t just talk about the program on TV, the book you are reading, or the mundane things that have happened that day.  Rekindle the passion with sexy pillow talk.  Think back to the days when you cuddled together and whispered together.  You told of your love, your secrets, your wishes, and your dreams.  This intimacy was as important as the actual physical lovemaking.

Just as Cyrano de Bergerac wood Roxanne with his eloquent words about her beauty and charms, you can use language to seduce your partner.  While not everyone is as gifted as Cyrano was, remember that what you say can be less important than how you say it.  Expressing yourself in a tender way when you are in close contact with your spouse is quite seductive.

Also keep in mind that pillow talk doesn’t need to always lead to sex.  It can be erotic or loving.  Men and women alike like to hear how much they are loved and appreciated.

There are different types of love talk.  Figure out which kind you and your lover are in order to match your language with how your partner will best respond.

The Magic of Making Up tips

Creative – These people have active imaginations.  They enjoy unique and vividly described fantasies.  They will be happy to play charades and spin exciting tales filled with promises about future love encounters.

Romantics – More often women than men, the romantic blossoms on intimacy, shared feelings and dreams.  They use the word “feel” rather than “think.  They speak more of love than sex.

Conservative – A conservative might feel uncomfortable talking about feelings, but they need security.  You should do the talking reminding them of the wonderful times you have spent together.  Reassure them that everything in the relationship is going well.

Intellectual – The intellectual is stimulated by lively debate.  They are often excited by banter and an exchange of opinions.  Intellectuals are more often men than women.  They want to hear they are loved for their bodies but like to believe that they are also appreciated by their quick minds.

Many people report that the most pleasurable part of pillow talk is hearing their own name or their partner’s pet name for them spoken.  Keep in mind that if a person has a name like “honey” that he applies to all women, he needs to come up with a separate, special name for his wife.

Reassure and compliment your partner.  When you tell your spouse things like “you’re funny,” it comes across especially strong when you are cuddled close.  When your partner is feeling insecure about life in general, telling her “I find you as exciting as when we first met” can bolster her confidence about her entire life.

Don’t criticize your partner during pillow talk.  Intimacy should allow you to share fear and anxieties and harping on any inadequacies will destroy that opportunity.  Nobody likes to hear about their character flaws, bad habits or sexual problems, and you certainly don’t want to bring them up in this intimate setting.

Never fight or have troubling conversations in bed.  Make your bed a safe place where you sleep and have pleasure.  If you start to fight in bed, your partner can associate the feelings of being trapped and sabotaged which can diminish his or her willingness to spend relaxing time in bed.

Article 7 will be on "Physical Fitness Is Seductive" and will also conclude this series of articles on the "The Art of Seduction".
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tisdag 30 juli 2013

Best Ways To Get Her Back:Article 5 The Art of Seduction

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A Seductive Feast

There are romantic meals and then there are seductive feasts.  What makes the difference.

A romantic meal has elements of seduction but tends to be more staid.  Romantic dinners can also be limited by the amount of time involved both for the meal and for the lovemaking that will follow.

In a seductive feast, every aspect of the meal is designed to awaken pleasure for the mind and boy.  It is designed to lead to sensual lovemaking and develop arousal.

One common scenario is a late night supper for two.  But, it is possible to step outside of this routine.  For instance, a Sunday brunch leaves time to make love for the rest of the day. 

Best Ways To Get Her Back

There are five elements for a seductive feast:

1. The Setting.  You’ll want the setting to match your fantasies.  You can do it indoors, outdoors, or in bed.  You can “recreate” your dining room through elaborate decoration.  One couple draped the dining room in printed sheets to simulate the inside of a Bedouin tent.

2. Planning.  Do your best to make this the best experience you can.  Some couples do all of the shopping and cooking together.  Other times, one person cooks as a gift to the other.  Still others have the meal catered.  Whatever option you choose, do it with the best.  For instance, pick the best peaches of the season or the most expensive chocolate.

3. Food.  While there’s little proof that food has aphrodisiac qualities, there are still foods that represent love.  They get you in the mood for sex.  These include oysters, turffles, vanilla, and wine.  You should avoid greasy, salty, heavy or commonplace foods.  Remember that the smell of the food and the cooking influences people in different ways too.  Shapes and colors of food can be suggestive.  Keep all of your senses in mind when you select the menu.  Another thing to think about is whether you want to eat after the lovemaking session rather than before.  Rather than being too full for sex, the passion can leave you hungry for good food.  Alternatively, make love between the main course and desert.  Finally, consider a “gate dinner” where sensuous food is served to each other off of body parts.

4. Wine.  A good wine or champagne can be an important part of the meal.  They are sexier than beer, soda, tea, or coffee.  Research shows that a moderate amount of alcohol can relax you and stimulate your senses.  Too much though can ruin sexual desire and performance so both partners should be aware of the amount they drink.  Also, alcohol is obviously not appropriate for people who abstain, who are alcoholics, or are in recovery.  In these cases, try to have a romantic drink such as sparkling apple cider.

5. Atmosphere.  Remember that you want to play to all the senses – not just the taste buds.  Consider what music you want to play softly in the background.  A jazz CD or a romantic vocalist can set the right tone.  Don’t pick music that is too fast which causes you to rush or too loud which is distracting.  Wear comfortable clothing that arouses both you and your mate.

Article 6 in this series will be about "Pillow Talk".

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måndag 29 juli 2013

Best Ways To Get Her Back:The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

How to Heighten Your Senses

Many people have never allowed themselves to be sensual.  But, sensual people tend to be good lovers because they use their senses to heighten their awareness and their partner’s pleasure. 

If you are not comfortable with seduction through sensuality, consider these tips:

Awaken your senses by reveling in taste, smell, sight, touch and sound in all situations – not just romantic ones.  Try experimenting with new food spices and flavors.  Burn scented candles at work.  Introduce new colors in your wardrobe, especially in accessories.

Pay attention to your surroundings.  Don’t miss the first buds or spring or the first leaves of autumn.  Tak in the beauty of ice covered branches.  Don’t be so busy rushing past to quickly to miss these experiences. 

Feel when you touch.  When you shake hands with someone, take some time to really experience what it feels like.  Run your hands across fabrics, the petals of flowers, and other everyday items to increase the sense of touch.  When you do this, you will be able to concentrate on the touch of your lovers skin which enhances your sexuality.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

When you do these simple exercises, you will feel more sensouous.  This will also enliven your seductive skills.

How to Flirt With Your Partner

Flirting is practiced more by people who aren’t in relationship than those who are in them.  But this is a shame because committed lovers can gain much from playing this traditional love game.

Some examples of flirting include smiles, direct eye contact and double entendres. 

Flirting is not just about sex.  It is also about feeling good about yourself and the other person.  You let the other person know that he or she is attractive and desirable when you flirt.  Flirting doesn’t have to lead to sex, it’s just a good way to connect.

When people are involved with and committed to each other, they often stop flirting out of a fear of rejection.  They think they don’t need to do it anymore.  If you recognize these resistances in yourself, you should try to overcome them.

You can flirt in romantic settings such as a walk on the beach at sunset.  You can also flirt when there is no opportunity for sex.  This is a way to connect in “ordinary” situations such as standing in line at the movies or on the way out the door to work.

Flirting can include meaningful eye contact, touching, suggestive body language, asking sexy question or talking in whispers or coy teasing remarks and double meanings. 

Don’t be shy about flirting in front of other people.  Often, your friends will admire and envy you for the quality of your relationship.

Article 5 in this series on "The Art of Seduction" will discuss "A Seductive Feast".
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söndag 28 juli 2013

Article 3 In the Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction

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Seduction Tips

Do you wonder how to go about seducing your partner?  Here are 12 seduction tips:

1. Close the physical distance – There’s a psychology term called “safe personal distance” which is about two feet apart.  When you move in closer and linger there, you are saying that you are interested in your partner.  After a few seconds, step back.  This encourage your partner to advance.  You are doing a kind of dance without music.

2. Mirror image – Copy your mate’s responses and positions.  When he puts his hand to his mouth, you do the same.  This sends a subtle signal that the two of you are in tune.

3. Repeat what he’s said – You can show that you care about him by repeating what he’s said earlier in the conversation

4. Use her name frequently – There’s something powerful about “naming” someone.  When you use her name, you are calling her out.  You are telling her that she is a real person to you.

5. Wear something sexy – What is sexy varies from person to person so don’t just go by the Victoria’s Secret catalog.  Figure out what he responds to and wear it.  He might be more aroused by the sight of you in a man’s white shirt than by a garter belt.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

6. Groom in front of your partner – Some men find watching their partner put on lipstick to be very seductive.  Some women find watching their man shave to be erotic.

7. Dress in front of your partner - There’s something about watching a woman slip into a pair of very high shoes that can turn some men on.

8. Tell your secrets – When you tell your partner something you’ve never shared with anyone else, you seal the bond between you. 

9. Physical contact – Non-sexual physical contact shows sexual interest.  Run your finger down her cheek, the curve of her throat, or the inside of her wrist.

10. Take advantage of the power of smell – Use scent to enhance the erotic connection.  A lot of women’s frgrances now contain vanilla because this has been found by researchers to be particularly attractive to men.

11. Take care of your spouse.  When you do his  or her chores, run an errand you weren’t asked to run, or are especially tender and comforting, you are showing you really care.  This can be a powerful seduction technique even though many people wouldn’t think of putting it in this category ordinarily.

12. Be a kid again – By doing something utterly frivolous, you enhance the “fun” factor which often leads to making passionate love.  For instance, make snow angels together or cut out a string of paper dolls to give to your mate.

One specific flirting technique is the “eye lock.”  In this technique, you look deep into each others eyes for as long as you can.  This is no child’s game of “dare.”  Instead, it is a way to look into your partner’s soul.

Article 4 in this series of articles on "The Art of Seduction" will pick up on "How To Heighten Your Senses".

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lördag 27 juli 2013

Article 2 In The Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Why to Seduce Your Partner

It is extremely important to continue to seduce your partner in a healthy relationship.  Think about it.  Before you knew that you would become lovers, you both put a considerable amount of effort into seduction.  From flirting with one another over lengthy restaurant meals to touching hands, arms, shoulders frequently, you made an effort to get the other one to like you more.

Even after you started making love, you may not have been sure that sex would take place on a regular basis.  So, you continued to seduce each other with romantic dinners at home, new lingerie, flowers, candles, and maybe even a bubble bath from time to time.

But I have a question for you now: how long has it been since you lit the candles, turned down the lights, and shared a romantic dinner wearing sexy lingerie.

Has sex become such a foregone conclusion that you cut to the chase saying “let’s do it” and you do. 

If so, there’s no exciting build up.

While there’s nothing wrong with initiating sex this way some of the time, you still want to begin lovemaking by seducing your partner from time to time.  If you are not the spouse generally initiating sex, you should try it sometimes.  It will be a big turn on for your partner.

If you are in a sexual rut in your relationship, this report will help both men and women seduce and be seduced occasionally no matter how long you have been together.

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Seduction in Lasting Relationships

We tend to think of seduction as an effort to get the other person to say yes to sex.  But, in reality, seduction is more than that.  A successful seduction sets the mood for hot sex.  It is lovemaking that brings the partners to a deeper level of intimacy.  When you are seduced, it brings your love to higher levels than routine sex would.

A routine trip to the bedroom says “I really need sex.”  On the other hand, when you seduce your partner, you are saying “I really need to make love to you.”  The distinction is subtle, but important in terms of having a healthy relationship.

Seduction is a kind of romance.  It personalizes the erotic connection between lovers.  It’s not just two bodies who meet in bed.

Some people have trouble behaving seductively because they associate negative connotations with the word.  Don’t think that seductive behavior is manipulative or tricky.  One of the most sincere compliments you can give your lover is to seduce him or her.

Taking the time to create an enticing mood shows how much you value making love with your partner.

How you seduce your partner varies greatly from one person to another.  Women generally use clothing, fragrance, lighting and food to seduce a man.  They sometimes strike alluring poses which accent their best physical traits.

Men tend to seduce by taking action.  For instance, they take their wives to a nice restaurant or a bed and breakfast.  They also use complements in their seduction techniques.

One way that men can seduce women is by paying close attention to their wives’ needs.  When they listen closely, offer compliments, and caress her lightly, they show her that they love her.

Article 3 will give you tips on "How To Seduce Your Partner" tomorrow.

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fredag 26 juli 2013

Article 1 In a Series of Articles on The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quizzes

The Art of Seduction

Dave met Karen at a bar.  He approached her and she coyly rejected his initial advances.  He bought her a drink and she agreed to dance.  By the end of the evening, he had her phone number.

He called and she agreed to go out.  Before the date, she spent a lot of time on her hair and make up.  She bought a new outfit which showed off her body to its best advantage.

He came with flowers and took her to the nicest restaurant in town.  He complimented her at every turn.

Things went really well and soon they were a couple.  Dave continued to romance Karen by taking her on long walks on the beach at sunset and paying attention to the little details.  Karen went out of her way to buy sexy lingerie and sent him coded text messages when she was apart from him.

On Valentine’s Day, Dave proposed by getting down on one knee.  Karen accepted.  An October wedding was planned.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

Their first few months as a married couple were bliss.  But, after a while, the “spark” seemed to go out.  They still made love, but things got blasé.  Sex became routine.

Then Karen got pregnant.  Once little Molly was born, their lives changed dramatically.  They were increasingly busy and sex became a secondary aspect to their relationship.

Karen never lost 10 pounds from her pregnancy and was too tired and busy to go to the gym. 

Dave and Karen began to drift further and further apart.  Finally, they went to a therapist for marriage counseling.

The therapist’s advice?  “You need to seduce one another again.” 

Dave and Karen thought that seduction was for people in the early stages of their relationships, not for people who had been married for four years or more.  “I don’t even remember how to be seductive,” Karen said.

This series of articles is for people like Karen and Dave who have been married for a while and want to reconnect.  Seduction is one of the best ways to do that.

Article 2 will continue tomorrow with "Why to Seduce Your Partner" in this series of article on "The Art of Seduction" So meanwhile you can watch this Free Video about relation issues.

torsdag 25 juli 2013

Article 1 In The Series of Articles On Communication

Best Ways To Get Her Back


Next time you go to a restaurant, take a close look at what the other couples are doing.  Some will be flirting.  Others will be engaged in meaningful communication.  Some will be outright arguing while others will be expressing their hostility silently through body language.  Whatever the actual activity going on at the table, these couples are communicating something to each other.

Ask anyone what the best way to keep a relationship going is and nine out of ten will tell you it’s communication.  This has become a buzzword for how to make a relationship work. 

But despite all the talk about communication, if you’ll excuse the pun, so many people don’t know how to integrate it into their relationships. 

This report will look at the importance of communication, Communication Techniques, what not to do when you want to communicate, what to disclose, what to do if your mate won’t talk, and how to talk about sex.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

Communication Techniques

First of all, it should be said that there are no right or wrong ways to express yourself.  However, some techniques tend to work better than others.  Keep in mind that communication is an ongoing process; one conversation does not communication make.  Don’t focus on the “big talks” at the expense of the every day casual conversation that lubricates a relationship.

One of the most important techniques to master is direct communication. So many people expect that their partner should know what they mean without anything ever being said.  You need to be clear and direct about what you want and need.

This is true whether you want a behavioral changed, reassurance, companionship, support, lovemaking, or clarification of your partner’s position on an issue.  Your husband or wife is not a mind reader.

Sometimes people are vague because they are uncomfortable asking for things directly.  They may not want to state their positions unequivocally.  But you should realize that when you are honest and straightforward, you have a better chance of getting what you need.

Consider the following two scenarios.

1.) “When would you like to go out to dinner?”
2.) “I’m hungry and I would like to eat now.”

If you are hungry and want to eat now, the second statement – honest and straightforward – is more likely to help you achieve your goal.  The first statement may lead to mutual frustration.  Your partner may interpret it as an open question.  He or she may be comfortable eating in an hour or two and has no idea that you want to eat now. 

Using this “I need” statement can help even when you have a complaint about your partner.  When you take responsibility for your statements, you can often elicit change. 

The first statement is passive aggressive.  It asks the partner to make a deduction as to the person’s need.  When the partner doesn’t give the “right” answer, the person becomes hostile and wonders why the partner is not responsive to his needs.  This simple break down in communication can lead to more pervasive breakdowns as the process cycles down.

Don’t fall into the trap of accusing your partner of things.  Instead, tell them what you need.  Here’s two scenarios:

1.) You always leave the toilet seat up.
2.) I need you to put the toilet seat down.

Article 1 continues in Article 2 tomorrow.

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