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tisdag 7 oktober 2014

I Want To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

I Want To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back
by Cindy Surette

In order to get my ex girlfriend back I was seriously ready to try to do anything. I know how bad it is when I get mad. I say things that she shouldn't have to hear, and I need to learn a new way to argue fast. But in the meantime, I know that I miss what we do have.


Most of the time, if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, you have to remember how charming you were when you got her the first time. You liked the process of getting to know each other and you consented to some of those less than guy like moments in order to fully participate in the relationship.

Sometimes an ex girlfriend needs to remember how charming you were too. I know that it takes time, believe me, but with small advances and remembering how to get her attention she will pay attention. She might not look like she's paying attention, but she is. I know this because I've had to get back two ex girlfriends now.

 I Want To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

It's better if they get to see that we have changed. More importantly, they like to know that we aren't changing for them. When we learn to control our anger for our own good that's when they start to believe we might have changed.

No more yelling harsh and cold things at her. No more going off at the mouth just because I got mad. No more of the childish ways that we all know how to hurt our girlfriends. We can all be bigger than that if we just learn where we can put our anger.

Anger shouldn't get physical, but the damage done emotionally can be pretty bad too. If I just learn to take my anger away from rather than toward her then maybe I can get my ex girlfriend back.

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