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fredag 3 oktober 2014

Do You Feel Like You Can't Fix Your Marriage?

Do You Feel Like You Can't Fix Your Marriage?
by Jon Allo

Are you one of those married couples who choose not try to fix your marriage and endure a bad situation for various reasons. Good marriages are hard enough to maintain because in all marriages there are ups and downs, good days and bad nights.


But some couples are not even aware that they have any marriage problems. If you're experiencing a bad marriage, you should be the first one to know, right? Not necessarily.

So how do fix your marriage if it is starting to show the strain?

Husbands or wives who have experienced a bad marriages via their parents usually assume this is normal behavior and that there is nothing that needs to be fixed. They witnessed their parents in a loveless marriage who have stayed together for the sake of the children. But this generally does not do the child any favours.

They become adults with a false impression of how a family should function. Then, when they experience a comparable difficult marriage they do nothing but roll with the punches, sometimes literally.

What Are The Signs That You Need To Fix Your Marriage?

There are indicators that you need to fix your marriage. These include a lack of communication and no intimacy or affection. There may also be physical and oral abuse. If either partner makes excuses to avoid home, something is not right. If you do not talk to each other there can be no hope for working through the problems. You must look for answers together, agree to what is wrong and talk about how it can change.

Do You Feel Like You Can't Fix Your Marriage?

Do not get caught in a state of denial. You may regard marriage with a virtually holy respect and worry about what people will say if try to find help. Don't dismiss the problem and endure your marriage for the sake of the children or because you're concerned about upsetting friends or family members. Do not turn into a martyr to safeguard the feelings of others. Admit to your problems and look for help.

Seek Help To Fix Your Marriage.

People hold on to the hope they can save the marriage themselves and wait more than six years to eventually give in and find counselling. More than half the couples who seek a third party's advice manage to save the marriage.

The sad news is that very few couples actually seek therapy or guidance. You may be aware of what the problems are, but you're are reluctant to acknowledge them to yourself. A counsellor can draw out the truth and provide solutions.

Be Positive, But Sensible.

We are often swept up in the Hollywood fantasy that in the end all things will work out and love will conquer all. It's good to keep a positive attitude when you want to fix your marriage, but there are times when you need someone to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. They can help you distinguish between infatuation and true love.

If you marriage is going bad, it is important to your health to try to fix your problems. Studies has shown that a bad marriage can result in poor health and stress, for you and your whole family. The constant anxiety and unhappiness raises the threat of depression, eating problems and heart health. Additionally, it reduces the body's level of resistance to illness and disease.

Don't be ashamed of your circumstance and stay silent and submissive. A bad marriage can be fixed with love, respect and a determination to deal with the problems.

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