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torsdag 1 augusti 2013

Best Ways To Get Her Back:Article 7 On The Art of Seduction

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz

Physical Fitness is Seductive

There are many reasons to get in shape including better health, more energy, and a longer life.  But, it has an added bonus – better sex.

Exercise is an aphrodisiac.  Physical activity both relaxes and energizes you which are both important conditions for feeling seductive.  It also enhances your sexuality by building strength and endurance which can lead to long lovemaking sessions.  Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which stimulate pleasure.

Eight out of 10 women exercisers believe their workout boosts their self confidence and 4 in 10 felt that they were more sexually aroused as a result.  3 in 10 said that they made love more often after starting an exercise regime.

In addition to the physical benefits of being in shape, there are psychological ones as well.  Both women and men can become sexually inhibited by a self conscious attitude of being overweight.  A woman may be concerned about her thighs or butt while a man can worry that his pot belly or love handles will turn his wife off.  Remember, feeling good about your body makes you project desire and desirability.

It is natural for couples to put on relationships when they get into committed relationships.  As a single person, you are worried about attracting a mate, so you keep your body in shape.  After you have landed a spouse, it becomes less important, in some people’s minds.

Additionally, the stress of every day life gets in the way of keeping fit.  The additional responsibilities that marriage brings can destroy a fitness routine. 

But, if you and your mate become too relaxed with each other, it can lead to problems in bed.  If this is the case, start to be physical again together.  Take easy walks with each other and build up to a joint gym membership or take up activities such as tennis or golf.  When you work together to look and feel your best, it will make you sexier to each other.

Best Ways To Get Her Back Quiz


Remember that seduction isn’t just a game for new lovers.  You can set the mood for better sex, deeper intimacy and greater understanding when you learn the art of seduction for married people.

Keep in mind that you need to awaken all five senses in order to be sensuous and seductive.  At first, pay attention to sight, taste, touch, smell and sound around you.  Work up to heighten these senses vis a vis your lover.

Don’t stop flirting with your partner just because you have a ring.  Flirting helps you maintain a little mystery in the relationship.

Sensuous meals are not just romantic dinners.  They can help to create an environment which builds sexual attraction.

Whispering loving endearments can be as important in a relationship as having good kissing skills.  Keep in mind that studies have shown that couples who have loving pillow talk in bed tend to have more satisfying relationships overall.

Finally, exercise is an aphrodisiac.  Stay in shape in order to reap sexual and health benefits.

Karen and Dave – the couple you met at the beginning of these articles – began to put some of these tips into practice.  Karen began to develop all of her senses.  Dave decided never to bring work to read in bed and spend that as “together time” with Karen.  They dropped Molly off with Karen’s parents for an evening and planned a sensuous dinner. 

When they put these changes into effect, their relationship improved dramatically.  They started to reconnect in a way that hadn’t happened since the early days of their courtship.  It was almost like falling in love all over again.

Never stop seducing one another.  That’s the key to a long lasting, loving, and sexually fulfilled relationship.
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