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måndag 26 augusti 2013

Article 3 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

There are so many free and low cost activities available when you want to enjoy the great outdoors.  Couple any of the following activities with a picnic lunch, and you’ve got a date that can last from 4 to 10 hours.

For instance, take a Frisbee to the park.    Toss it around before breaking out the picnic lunch.  Then, after you’ve eaten, spend some more time with the plastic disc.

Touch football is a contact sport.  Gotta love that on a date!  Or, play some one on one basketball.  If that’s too much exercise, opt for p.i.g. instead.

Bike riding is a popular date idea.  You can ride to a beautiful destination such as a waterfall and have lunch there.  Then ride home.  A variation on this theme is to rent a bicycle built for two (tandem bike) for the date.

Rollerblading on the boardwalk can be lots of fun if you have any balance at all.  You can either go hand in hand or race each other to a destination.

Ice Skating can be fun in the great outdoors during the winter season and can even be enjoyed in the summer if you have an indoor arena.  Again, people who have done this before tend to have a better time on a first date!

Take to the water.  Going fishing or boating can provide a relaxing way to get to know someone while offering something to do with one’s hands. 

In the summer, grab some inner tubes and float down a river.

Fill up some water balloons and have a messy fight (gals, wear a white t-shirt for added impact!)  In the winter, a snow ball fight serves the same purpose.  And, wintertime also brings on the possibility of building the biggest, best snowman in the neighborhood.

In many personal ads, people say they want to find someone to take “midnight strolls on the beach” with.  But how many people actually do this?  Surprise your date with an evening trip to the nearest body of water for a romantic walk.

Take a Class

If you really want to spend some time with a person, consider signing up for a class together.  A class can consist of a one afternoon demonstration on how to make sushi to a year long language course at the university.

Perhaps one of the most romantic date classes is dance lessons.  When you learn to dance, you have years of great dates ahead of you.  You can choose whatever kind of dancing is interesting to the two of you, but ballroom, tango, and salsa dancing are definitely the kinds of classes where “it takes two.”

How To Go On A Cheap Date

You may be interested in cooking classes.  Generally cooking classes are one to four sessions in length, so you will not be committing to a long period of time.  Also, there are a variety of kinds of cooking classes from helping you develop basic cooking skills to advanced sessions on specific kinds of cooking.  Some classes are taught by professional cooks in their kitchens.  Others are sponsored by restaurants or gourmet supermarkets.  There are also cooking classes at junior colleges and community centers.

Community colleges have semester and half semester long classes on a whole variety of liberal arts subjects that don’t cost much money.  In California, for instance, a 45 hour literature course costs less than $100 plus text books.  You can take classes in comparative religion, creative writing, psychology, or any other subject that sparks your interest.  Maybe the most romantic class you can take is a romance language.  Wouldn’t you like to be able to say “I love you” in Italian?

University extension centers have non-credit courses as well.  Some of these mirror the content of a normal university course without the homework.  Others are related to helping you develop professional skills.  But some, are just for fun.  For instance the University of California at Berkeley has an extension series in wine appreciation.  And, Harvard’s extension program offers classes in Folklore and Mythology, Hindi, and Film.

Your Park and Recreation or Community Center probably also offers a range of classes you can take for fun.  The Austin, TX Parks and Rec department offers month long classes (once a week) in subjects as varied as sculpture, photography, and short film.

If you are thinking about getting married, a personal finance class could help you bridge the ways you think about money and help you build a more secure future.

One kind of class that could pay dividends is a couple’s massage class.  This is one class where you won’t mind doing your “homework.”

When you learn together, you grow together as a couple.  Signing up for classes together provides a series of inexpensive and enriching dates. Next article on How To Go On A Cheap Date will be tomorrow.

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