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torsdag 9 oktober 2014

10 How To Propose To Your Girlfriend Tips

10 How To Propose To Your Girlfriend Tips
by Charles Jackson

Proposing to your girlfriend is something you get to do once, if you're lucky! It's important that you don't mess up!

The following tips will show you how to propose to your girlfriend, and survive:

1. Make it personal! There's no excuse for carbon copying an idea from somewhere else, especially since the two of you should have many shared experiences! So you know exactly what she likes!


2. You shouldn't be surprised by her answer! If you're not completely or at least 99% sure that she'll say yes, then you've probably not been going out long enough!

3. Make sure it's a surprise for her! Don't make it an anti-climax, this is her big moment after all!

4. Only make it a public proposal if you're extra certain she'll say yes! You don't want it to turn into a humiliating experience do you!

10 How To Propose To Your Girlfriend Tips

5. Guard the ring like it's your precious! Don't bury it in sand or give it to a Waiter to serve with desert. You'd only deserve to lose it!

6. Go down on one knee! True, it's old and corny but she always imagined her proposal would be like that, so don't let her down!

7. Practice! You'll feel stupid doing it, but make sure you do and I mean in front of the mirror and your Dog! Otherwise, she'll be telling all her mates how you bumbled the most important words in both your lives!

8. Create a romantic setting! It's much better than big and lavish! It's all about candles, music, good food and flowers!

9. If you're planning on getting married quickly, then propose in the winter and aim for a spring wedding! Otherwise, propose in the spring and you'll have a whole year to prepare!

10. Enjoy the experience! Make sure you've planned for every possible eventuality and everything will be fine! Good luck!

More Information:

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