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fredag 12 september 2014

The proper way to keep Your Wife Forever

The proper way to keep Your Wife Forever
by Jimmie Burroughs

The correct way to keep your wife forever requires some positive action from the partner. While divorce happens and has lots of reasons, there's a re-occurring shortage of action from most men that contributes heavily to it. It is that simple small word "love" and showing it each day in each way. Below is an excellent example of what takes place when love isn't shown, or seemingly is not shown.

The recent separation of the previous governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, is yet another example of what appears to be the partner having little time for his wife and not showing the love and respect she deserves . According to her very own response, Schwarzenegger was impossible to live with and highly selfish. She desired a deeper more intimate relationship. She revealed she had been miserable and sad for years and had been pondering divorce for a couple of years.

"Now it has been claimed other half Maria Shriver may be ready to give her marriage with Arnold Schwarzenegger a second chance as she will be able to not bear the thought of divorce for spiritual reasons." They're presently going to marriage counseling together. It's my prayer that they do work it out.

Let us get a snapshot of this marriage: Arnold Schwarzenegger a famous movie star, then governor of the state of California for over 7 years, loaded; she, Maria Shriver, a direct descendent of the famous Kennedy clan; her uncle president of the U. S.; she, a high profile Television Correspondent for some 15 years, also well off. They, rich and living in a stunning home in an exclusive neighborhood of stars; four youngsters and all the conveniences that wealth affords; by her own words she says she has been miserable and unhappy for years.

Biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher asserted of their marriage, "I do think that there are differences between these two personalities that have left her without the love and without the deep intimacy that she's been searching for many years."

There is a dynamic story here: Everything in the world will not replace a woman's driving, inbred need for love and respect because that's the way God designed her.

It takes years of overt effort infrequently to bring the marriage down. The following article gives a good illustration of how time and losing interest influences the marriage:

The Sat. Evening Post released an article several years ago, titled The 7 Ages of the Married Cold . It gives the reaction of a partner to his wife's colds during their first 7 years of marriage. Here is how it goes:

The first year : Sugar dumpling, I'm really worried about my baby girl. You've got a bad sniffle, and there isn't any telling about these things with all this strep throat going around. I am putting you in the hospital after lunch for a general checkup and a good rest. I know the food is lousy, but I am going to be bringing your meals in from Rossini's. I have already got it all prepared with the floor super.

The second year : Listen, darling, I don not like the sound of that cough. I called Doc Miller and asked him to whizz over here. Now you trot off to bed like a good girl, please. Just for Pappy.

The 3rd year: Maybe you had better lie down, honey: nothing like a little rest when you're feeling useless. I'll bring you a bite of food. Do you have any canned soup?

The proper way to keep Your Wife Forever

The fourth year: Now look, dear, be sensible. After you have fed the children, washed the dishes and finished the floor, you had better lie down.

The 5th year: Why not take 2 aspirin?

The 6th year: I'm wishing you wouldd just gargle or something, instead of sitting around all evening barking like a seal!

The 7th year: For Pete's sake, stop sneezing! Are you attempting to give me pneumonia?

It is funny, but also miserable that it is so true; it's a good illustration showing how a marriage declines over time if care is not brought to keep it alive and well.

In my personal marriage counselling over the years I have notice a pattern; it seems that the reason for failed marriages is frequently the disposition of the person, and that's he does not show the love and respect for his wife that she requires. I realize that there are two sides to every story nonetheless it is definite that this one reason for failed. marriages is an exceedingly distinguished one and one that happens again and again.

There's a Bible verse that sets the pattern for The best way to keep a lady foreve r that is so often ignored by the man. It concerns the way God created a man and a woman: Hubbies, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. (Ephesians 5:25-27, King James Version)

In the previous verse there's this: Therefore, as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything. (Ephesians 5:24, King James Version)

In these verses we see the way God made the spouse to reply to the partner and the way the husband is to respond to the spouse. Yes I know that in this day of the feminist influence that the concept of a woman submitting to a partner has grown in disfavor. Nonetheless, that doesn't at all change the way in which we were created.

When you come to understand what it is all about, it places it into an alternative viewpoint. For example, nowhere in the Bible is the wife told to love her husband, though naturally she should, it is clear here in this passage that a man is to love his spouse and to love her with the fullest persistence just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. The reason why the man is commanded to love his wife is that God made a woman to have a powerful have to be loved by her man.

So here is the deal, another half has an inborn deep need both psychologically and emotionally for her husband to love her. She is so designed that when this happens that she responds to her husband and is attracted to him even to the point of submitting herself to him. From another standpoint, if the husband doesn't show this absolutely dedicated love for his spouse, it has the wrong effect, she's driven away from him and the relationship dies. So like it or not the opening responsibility to keep the marriage going is the husband's.

The discussion over whether or not the woman should submit herself to the man is no longer an argument when the man truly loves his wife. What lady in her right mind wouldn't be willing to submit to a man who loved her so dearly that she meant everything to him, and he would happily lay down his very own life for her?


Keep in mind that we aren't talking about an unexpressed love here, but a love that expresses itself in everything and does so regularly. Read my article "7 yays to win a woman's love."

By the way, submission is not such an awful word; the Bible in these same verses asserts, Submitting yourselves one to another in the phobia of God . Submission is a character feature for each and everyone, not simply the better half alone. (Ephesians 5:21, King James Version)

We are to submit ourselves to one another. We are to submit ourselves to Christ who also submitted himself to the Heavenly Pa. It is not a case of who is more crucial. Jesus counted himself equivalent to the Father yet he submitted to him. The husband and wife are also equal but with different roles.

Back to where I started with the tale of the separation of the Governor and his wife: when a hubby does not have time for his other half, his ego is so massive that he believes only of himself, then it isn't any wonder the wife experiences a sad and unhappy life; he has pushed her away and deprived her of the very intimate and romantic experience that she is intended to have. It has caused her to lose purpose and taken away any sense of security. When you add disloyalty to this mix, it completely destroys any remaining relationship and I say that seldom can the relationship be mended.

Hence The simplest way to keep another half foreve r is as easy as loving her and solidly showing that love in all that you do.

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