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onsdag 17 september 2014

Getting To An Equal Marriage

Getting To An Equal Marriage
by Samantha Knowles

It is so important to have an equal marriage. No matter if you work from home, work outside the home or something in between, an equal marriage is a recipe for success!


Sometimes, marriage can become all about the partnership. Sometimes, the chores, calendars, and children come first, but don't forget about the fun. This is one of the very best gifts you could give to your kids. Your children will feel safe and loved, and you will be setting a strong example for their future relationships. As working mothers, we often don't have clear role models of what a real partner is. The ideal partner cares about you, understands you, and helps you--with family, household, and even work issues.

As a working mother, if you don't have a real partnership, you will always struggle. You will stop growing--both in your career and your relationships. But, if you do live a real partnership, this companion will help you be the best you. And as we become more fulfilled in life, we are able to add to the happiness in others, too. Like so many other working moms, I had let kids and work become our life. When my husband and I went out to dinner, we discussed the kids. When we were together on weekends, we were doing kid things. I'll even admit that there have been more than a few nights that one of the kids ends up in bed with us. It goes without saying that this does not inspire romance. My husband is the greatest guy I know but in spite of all of our together time, I realized that we hadn't really been spending much time together at all. I needed to make him a priority again.

Getting To An Equal Marriage

As mothers, we often feel that our children need us more than our spouses do. As working mothers, we also sometimes put our jobs in front of our partners.It's true that kids need to be fed, clothed, and cared for, but they do not need more of you than your spouse. Your job also needs your full attention, but not more than the most important people in your life. It is time to honestly ask yourself: are you comfortable letting Dad take on many of the decisions you previously tackled alone?To begin dual-parenting, we must release our hold on some of the decisions we make every day. As an example, can Dad make the decision for a sleepover without your input? How about scheduling birthday parties, or going shopping for back to school supplies or Halloween costumes? Think about what you normally take on, and ask yourself if you can allow your partner to help with these tasks more evenly. The benefits far out-weigh the trade as you get a real partner and the kids get an involved, hands-on Dad.

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