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fredag 29 augusti 2014

Trusting Again Means Trusting Yourself First

If someone has betrayed your trust, you may think the concept of trusting again is out of reach. Trust is one of those things that must be earned.

Therefore, when it's misplaced, it's easy to simply put up a wall between you and the rest of the world to avoid it from ever happening again. Don't live a lonely dissatisfying life without a valuable relationship due to a breach of trust. 


You can move beyond the pain of broken trust. Just because one person betrayed you, doesn't mean everyone else will too. Trusting again means gaining the confidence that everything will work out for the best, or even better than before.

Two Kinds of Trust

Basically, there are two kinds of trust.

- Trusting Yourself
Trusting yourself means having the self-belief that all your decisions are based on kindness, love, and respect towards yourself.

- Trusting Others
Having faith and trust in others means believing that their choices in life are based on the kindness, love, and respect they have towards you. It's harder to trust others if you don't trust yourself first.

Be Kind and Loving to Yourself

You may think you have lost the ability to trust. But is that actually true? When you give your order at your favorite restaurant, don't you trust they will bring the food to you? Even though there's big trust and small trust, trust is still trust. 

What you really want is to believe and relax in the fact that you won't get hurt again. That takes trust. Focus on the positive aspects of people to bring out the positive in them. This will restore your confidence in others and bring back the trust factor.

You are Perfect Just the Way You Are

Contrary to what anyone says, you are a perfect and wholesome human being just the way you are. How do I know that? Because we all are. And the only reason you may feel like you are less than perfect is because you are not letting it naturally shine through, but it is definitely there. 

No one has the power to take anything away from you - including trust. You can never be "less" without a certain person's love, approval, and trust since you are "whole" in your natural state.

Never trust me

Encourage the Possibilities

Trust is an essential element to all human relations. You can't start a new relationship if you truly believe that once someone betrays your trust, trust is gone forever. 

You simply cannot live in a past relationship and expect your new one to succeed. If you are still harboring feelings of resentment due to a betrayal, your new partner will feel it and likewise not trust you. 

How is this moving forward? It's time to start trusting again and be happy.

Look for Trustworthy People

Trusting again means actively looking for trust and kindness in others. What does your gut feeling (intuition) tell you about this person? 

If you are on the fence whether or not you should trust someone, watch and observe how they treat other people. 

Keep in mind you can't judge a book by its cover. Some of the most attractive people by all appearances have the ugliest behavior behind closed doors.

If you are in a new relationship, don't give your heart away too fast. Start small and see where it goes. Even the smallest breach of trust is a red flag. This new person must earn both your trust and respect. 

Generally, if someone is trustworthy with the little things in life, it's a good indicator you can trust them with the big things as well. 

Believe that you deserve a trusting and long-lasting relationship and you will increase your chances of manifesting it. Remember, what you think about comes about. Trusting again - you can do it

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