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fredag 13 september 2013

Concluding Article on Your Pretty Princess Wedding on a Pauper’s Budget

Seven Hidden Budget Killers

There are some things that Brides just don’t know to budget for ahead of time.  This means that when they get back from the honeymoon, they are faced with unexpected bills to start their married life.  Here are seven hidden budget killers to watch out for.

Band Equipment – When you get a quote from the band, it will include the musicians’ time and the basic equipment.  But if your venue is large, extra speakers and microphones might be required which can potentially tack on thousands of dollars to the cost.  Before booking your band or DJ, explain the venue set up and get a firm cost for performing there.

Gown Alterations – When you select your wedding dress, the price of the alterations is not included.  Simply re-hemming the dress can cost $100 and more time consuming alterations go up from there.  Don’t feel that you have to have the alterations done by the store though.  Taking it to a less expensive seamstress can be every bit as nice and not nearly as expensive.

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Welcome Bag Delivery – Hotels charge a premium for welcome bag delivery.  They won’t even tell you about this upfront and often charge up to $7.  Ask about their policy up front.  If it is too expensive, ask if they will do a delivery at check in instead.

Rental Transportation – You’d think that for the price your vendor is charging for the chairs (or other rental items), delivery would be included.  But, most often it’s not.  So, check the small print to find out what the rental cost is going to be because this can top $500.

Taxes – Okay, the government doesn’t “hide” taxes from you, but they do charge it on everything and you may forget to calculate it in.  A wedding cake that costs $1000, will cost you an additional $100 in Los Angeles.  Just keep it in mind.

Coat Check – If you are planning a winter wedding in July, you may forget that you’ll have to pay for a coat check at the hotel.  Have a good estimation of how many people you’ll be having at the reception and ask the venue planner what the coat check fee will be.

Gratuities – A “service fee” is NOT a tip.  Don’t underestimate the number of people you’ll need to tip as part of the entire wedding process.


Weddings are expensive.  Unless you go to city hall with a minimum of fan fare, you are going to spend a significant amount of money on the affair.  But, by setting a budget and by being aware of the costs of each individual aspect of the wedding, you can keep the money under control.

Your wedding may be the most important day of your life, but many vendors will prey on the emotional aspect of “getting it right” and “once in a lifetime” to add costs that really aren’t necessary.  Having a plan will help you keep everything in perspective.

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