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torsdag 9 januari 2014

Improve Sales Conversion Rates Through Voice Quality!

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Improve Sales Conversion Rates Through Voice Quality!
by Chuck Bauer

Copyright (c) 2014 Chuck Bauer

I've learned from years of listening to thousands of salespeople that they do not get trained on voice inflection. Yet it is extremely important in building intimacy, regardless of phone calls, webinars, or in-person meetings.

I recently deleted over 400 monotone sales phone calls files from my computer. And speaking in monotone isn't the only bad habit.

Another is an unprofessional tone. Just calling--just making the dial--won't get you anywhere. You need to sound professional, like an owner. If you sound like all other telemarketers, you will not get anywhere or increase your sales conversion rate!

The client picks up on your attitude from your tone: either "I'm bored and uninterested in the product and in you" or "I know and believe in what I am doing!"

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Vocal pitch--the highs and lows of the voice--is also important. Smiling raises the soft palate at the back of your mouth, making your voice more fluid, warm, and receptive. Taking long, slow, deep breaths also influences pitch. Stressful situations cause shallow breathing, which tightens the vocal cords and raises voice pitch. Slow breathing relaxes vocal cords, brings down pitch, and creates a calmer, professional tone and quality.

Communication speed is also important. 160 words per minute is the most effective. This speed adds dignity, establishing you and your company as efficient and professional. Speaking slowly makes you sound bored, and speaking quickly makes you sound like a fast-talking, non-listening, stereotypical salesperson. Speaking at the correct speed makes the right impression and connection.

Where to begin? Start with this exercise:

1. Say "Bill isn't here right now" out loud with your normal level of inflection.

2. On a scale of inflection of one to ten, with one being monotone and ten being a disk jockey, say the same sentence again with your inflection up to ten. Stop only when you sound obnoxious and embarrass yourself.

3. Say the same sentence again, at level eight. Finally, say the sentence one more time at level five or six, the best levels for speaking on the phone. If you find your inflection slipping, practice as much as you need, so you will use proper inflection without thinking about it.

Developing an excellent vocal skill is one of the most valuable business skills you can acquire. When you improve your speaking & phone skills, you will also increase your connection with your clients and increase sales conversion rates!

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More Information:

Chuck's uniqueness comes from sitting in and observing LIVE interaction between sales people and clients, business owners and customers and/or staff, and the interaction between executives and staff. A published author with Wiley Publishing, Chuck's work has been featured in numerous business and sales-related magazines and websites.


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