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måndag 13 januari 2014

How To Know That Hes Truly In Love With You

Hi and Welcome to mondays article How To Know That Hes Truly In Love With YouOne great tips from the article is about talking, i can really relate to that. If you love someone it is almost impossible to stop your converstions. One thing is that you want to know each other but it is also something magical when you share thoughts with the one you love. Many times you also discover you have the same interests or opinions which make  it interesting to conversate. Otherwise i personally dont like to much talking. Enjoy todays article.
With Love
Wouldn’t relationships be so much simpler if you could indulge in just a bit of mind reading when it comes to your man? This is how you could see for sure how he feels about you. Of course, in some cases, it might not be the best idea to know without a doubt what he’s thinking about you and your relationship. Either way, it might be helpful if your dates came with a Magic 8 Ball or Crystal Ball so that you could get a little help to see what they’re thinking.
Sometimes, you just have to make guesses at what your man is thinking. This can be really dicey, especially at the very beginning of the relationship. It’s a time when you’re starting to get to know each other and there are many questions during this stage of a relationship. There ARE some ways you can tell how he’s feeling about you without the use of the supernatural. It’s just a matter of decoding what he says and does. They include:
He smiles at you a lot and not only when he’s trying to get you into bed.
He likes talking to you for a very long time. Men don’t typically like to talk unless they’ve found someone that they really care for.
He likes cuddling with you. When guys don’t love a girl, he’ll refuse to cuddle. On the other hand, when he likes cuddling with you that means something.
He sincerely cares for you. He’s interested in knowing everything about you. He asks about your likes and dislikes, your favorite movies, favorite music, favorite food and things that make you laugh.
He’s always going that extra mile to make you happy. The quirks you have that you think are irritating, he finds awesome. So that means that if you know it’s weird that you can’t ever run out of hand soap or you’re completely addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper, he doesn’t have an issue with that. In fact, he finds it kind of endearing and thinks you’re perfect the way you are.
The chemistry between you is explosive. You think alike and the heat you generate when you’re with each other is pretty combustible.
He loves the time you two spend together. He doesn’t care what you’re doing as long as you’re doing it together.
He gives you what you want even if both of you want your way and it’s totally different. In short, he’s willing to compromise in order to make you happy.
He starts talking to you about plans for the future he wants to have with you.
These are all pretty clear indicators that you’ve landed a keeper and that he feels the same way about you. He understands what he’s got with you and he wants to make sure that he doesn’t blow it. Pay close attention to these signs and you’ll know just how he feels about you. These signs don’t lie and you can depend on them to accurately measure what your guy thinks of you.

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