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söndag 10 november 2013

Is It Time To Start Dating Again

The article this sunday afternoon is named Is It Time To Start Dating Again and makes me think about our daily meetings when we sometimes let good possibilities for friendship or dating pass us by. We are to often stressed or in a hurry so that we miss talking to people we meet when we are caught up in our daily routines. I think there are a meaning with everything and those we meet by coincidence may be that angel sent to bring us love. So take care and be aware of every moment.
Dick Scott
How can you tell when you are ready to start dating again? Is there a sign from the gods that tell you it’s time to get out there and see if you can find someone that is somewhat compatible to you, or do you just check the days on a calendar and decide that today is the day? For most people, it’s a feeling deep down inside that tells them they are tired of spending Friday and Saturday nights alone, sitting in front of the television, with a bowl of ice cream in their lap.
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Not everyone determines when they are ready to go out. It could be years since your last date and you suddenly see someone walking down the street that you are extremely attracted to. The only thing you can do is wonder if you should go up and talk to them or continue on with your existence as usual. Even though you may feel like it’s the right time to step up and ask that person out for a date, something inside makes you drop that idea and you go on about your day like it never happened.
A lot of people have that feeling and end up missing out on a lot of fun and companionship. If only there was some kind of alarm clock that would go off inside your head to tell you it was the right time to start dating again. Of course, you will come to find that the moment you decide dating is not something you are ever going to be interested in again, someone will ask you out. This happens all the time with people around the world as if the universe is telling you that it is time for you to get up and try dating again.
Once someone comes up to you and asks you out, then you should probably give it a shot and see what happens. Even if you don’t meet your soul mate this way, you can still go out and have a great night with someone. You might end up finding out that the dating scene is something you would like to try again after all, and that makes you a winner. Never give up the opportunity to go out for a date, unless of course the person asking you is so creepy or strange that you would fear for your life.
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There are times in life when the universe forces you to start dating again whether you are ready for it or not and there are other times when you are going to need to step up and take a chance on yourself. There is no reason why you can’t be happy in your life and sometimes dating is the only way that can happen. You will know when you are ready to put yourself out there again and, if you aren’t sure if it’s the right time, just look towards the universe and you are sure to get a sign that tells you either to go for it or forget about it.
I wish you all love and light!
Dick Scott
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